Monday, 19 September 2016

                                        Travel Folio – Jeanine de Bruyn
                                                 Journey in Time collection C87 

This little Folio is the perfect size to slip into your bag when you leave for your next trip and you can add your photos, postcards and journaling as you go along. The Folio measures 15x20 cm and is constructed from File folders found at your local stationers.

1 sheet of each of the following papers: GlobeTrotterC87001, Travelogue                           C87008, Travel Outdoors C87005, In transitC87003 and Mapped C87004
2 sheets of Journey C87002
Carders pack M87001A
Chipboard Title “Enjoy the Journey” DC87004
2 File Folders
Plain cardstock I used 1 sheet of each of the following purple, turquoise, cream and brown
Charms, string, washi tape, paper clips, elastic and a large charm or button for the closure.

The file folders I used were too big for this project so I cut them down to the following sizes:
The first file folder (which is also the cover for the folio) I cut to measure 20 cm down and then the left side of the file folder ( front cover) is 22cm across, the spine is 1.5cm and the  right side (back cover) is 15cm.
The second file folder measures 20cm down and the left side of the file folder measures 23cm across with a 0.5 cm spine and then the right side of the file folder measures 15cm across.

  • First File Folder: Left side of the file folder (Front cover) Score a line7cm from the edge of the side of the file folder (this makes your inside flap) fold along the scored line. I used the Globe Trotter C87001 paper for my cover, I cut 10.5cm off the bottom of the paper and then glued it from the flap across the front of the file folder over the spine and around to the back of the folio, it is not long enough to cover the entire back of the album so you will need to add another piece of paper I used Travelogue C87008 measuring 10x 20cm (I tucked it in under my Globe trotter piece).
  • Next I cut a piece measuring 20 x13cm from the Journey paper C87002 and placed it on the middle of my front cover again letting it run along the spine and to the back cover of the folio, I then added a piece of the Mapped paper measuring 8.5 x 23cm I glued this in the middle of the Journey paper again running across to the back of the folio, before you glue this last piece of paper down to the back of your album glue a piece of elastic folded in Half (to make a loop) to the back of your paper, I added a brad over to make sure it was held down fast.
  • I inked and embossed my title piece ‘enjoy the journey’ in black and added some pieces I cut from the papers as well as a large camera charm (for the elastic to loop over as a closure for the folio) to the front cover.
  • For the inside of the folio, I covered the left side of the folio with the mapped C87004 paper.
  • To make the pocket, I cut a piece from the Journey paper measuring 8 x 14.5cm and then traced one of the edges of the file folders to give me that ‘file folder shape’ at the top of the pocket. I cut a strip from the Journey paper with all the black and white suitcases on it and made a little ‘belly band’ to the inside of the folded piece as well as along the bottom of my pocket, I added some of the suitcases I fussy cut from the paper to the pocket. From the plain cardstock cut a piece measuring 12.5 x 18cm for photos and then slip it into the pocket.
  • Cover the right side of the folio with another piece of the Mapped paper measuring15 x 20cm. I used a piece of washi tape along the ‘spine’. Make another pocket the same as the last one this time I used a piece of the Globe trotter paper though. From another piece of plain cardstock cut a piece measuring 12.5 x 17cm, I made a tab on the top of it and then put another piece of cardstock in the middle as a photo mat, slip this into your pocket. I used a coin envelope I had in my stash and covered it with some of the papers and added a charm to the ‘flap’ of the envelope, then added it into my pocket too.

  • Second File Folder: The left side of the file folder I turned into two pockets, I measured 10cm down the file and then drew a line across the file folder on the 10cm mark and cut, dividing the file folder in half. Next I scored each pocket at 13cm and folded it over, I used my circle punch to create the “tab” on each of the pockets.
  • I covered the front side of both of the pockets with the In Transit paper, I cut two small photo mats from my plain cardstock and then added a few suitcases that I fussy cut from the paper and one of the die cuts from the Carders pack to embellish the pockets.
  • The back of the pockets I covered with Travel outdoors paper and then made tags to fit into the pockets from my plain cardstock. I didn’t embellish the back of the pockets as I was worried that once photos were added it would make the album too chunky.
  • For the right side of this file folder, I covered the whole piece with the Travelogue paper and then made a pocket from the In Transit paper measuring 20cm x 8cm.I glued the pocket to the file folder against the spine of the folder.
  • From another piece of plain cardstock I cut a piece measuring 25 x 18cm, I folded the cardstock in half creating a small file folder. I cut a tab on the front of this little file folder and added some more cardstock as photo mats and a piece of patterned paper as embellishment then added my mini file folder to the pocket.
  • For the back of the right side of the file folder, I covered the entire piece with the Journey paper, then cut a double frame measuring 11.5 x 16.5cm for the “bottom frame” and 10.5 x 15.5cm for the “top frame”. I used a bit of craft foam behind the top frame before I glued it to the bottom frame to lift it a little. Then cut a small photo mat (7.5x10cm) from plain cardstock and added one to the bus cut outs from the carders pack to the inside of my frame, I also added some string and a small charm to the frame as well as some suitcases I cut from the papers and then another die cut from the carders pack.

  • Once you have your file folders decorated you can glue the second file folder to the inside of the first file folder on the spines. Then all you need to do is add your photos etc and you have a lovely Travel Folio to remind yourself of that fantastic holiday.

Hope you enjoyed this project and Happy Craffting everyone!

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