Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wheelbarrow – Simple Joys
-Tanya Cloete-

For This Project You Will Need:

·         FabScraps Mother Earth Collection paper range : C86 002, 005 & 007 & 008
·         FabScraps Sticker Sheet ST86 002 (Simple Joys)
·         FabScraps Carders Pack MC86 001A (Bird)
·         Silhouette Cameo
·         I-Top Brad Maker and 28mm Brad Punch and Two 28mm Brads
·         Black, White, Red & Green Cardstock
·         Tim Holtz Spring Greenery Deco Strip Die
·         White & Red Acrylic Paint
·         Red Flat Back Pearls, Green Rhinestone, Red Hessian, Gauze, Flowers, Leaves, Paper Straws, Ribbons & Trims

1.      Silhouette Cameo:
·         Cut a 3D wheelbarrow (the bucket) from sheet 007. Cut the handles from red cardstock and the wheels from black cardstock.
·         Make two Brads using the I-Top Brad Maker and punch from sheet 007. This will be used to assemble the wheels.
·         Assemble accordingly: (before attaching the handles to the bucket paint the edges of this with white paint.
·         Add 2 straws on the inside of the handles to make it sturdier. Make bows with the ribbon at the end of the handles and add the flat back pearls as per the picture.
·         Cut a 3D Apple from sheet 008 and the stem from green cardstock. Assemble the apple and paint the edges with white and red paint.
·         Cut 9 flowers from sheets 002, 005 & 008 to make paper roses.  Remember to cut 3 of each of the same size.  Mine are various sizes so you can choose how big or small you want yours to be.  Assemble the paper roses…you can follow this link on how to make the paper roses
·         Randomly paint the paper roses with white paint.
2.      Cut 6 leaves from sheet 002, 005 and 008 using the spring greenery die.
3.      Paint the bird from the Carders Pack with white paint and add the small rhinestone as the eye.
4.      Add sticker (Simple Joys) onto white cardstock. Mat onto red, repeat steps using black, white and green as per the picture.
5.      Arrange all the pieces and embellishments as you like or as per the picture and glue!
6.      All Done!

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