Tuesday, 27 September 2016

C87 Journey in Time Collection– gift box – 

Michelle Frisby

For This Project You Will Need

   FabScraps Journey in Time – C87 007
   FabScraps Journey in Time – C87 008
   Muslin [cheesecloth], cardstock, flowers
   Metal foliage dies and a cutting machine
   Metal floral die and a cutting machine
   Lace strip metal die and a cutting machine
   Muslin [cheesecloth]
   Corrugated cardboard packaging
   Gesso and a paintbrush
   White cardstock
   Hole punch
   Seam binding

Instructions for your tag
1.              Use C87 008 and cut a piece of patterned paper 6” x 6” square and make into a box – just the bottom half.
2.            Cut two pieces of white cardstock 2 ¼” x 4 ¼” and make two white cardstock tags.
3.            Cover these tags using C87 007.
4.            Adhere a tag on either side of the box.
5.             Punch a hole in each tag, score from side to side of each tag [see photo], tie and thread some seam binding to close.
6.            Cut two floral shapes and manipulate with your finger tips to scrunch up a little.
7.             Cut several leaves, foliage pieces.
8.            Grab a small piece of muslin and adhere to a piece of corrugated cardboard. And then add those leaves and foliage pieces and then adhere floral die cuts and then top with a flower.
9.            Take another piece of white cardstock and cut the correct width of your gift box tag edges and punch the lace edge strip using your die and cutting machine.  Adhere at the scored fold at the top of your tag.
10.        Grab some gesso and a paintbrush and randomly apply.

11.          All done. 
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