Thursday, 8 September 2016

C88 Floral Dreams Collection
done by Ewelina Gryglak

You will need:

Merry Weather paper C88 005
Stickers ST88 001
Small black metal clock face M4 001 x2
Other: white card, blue ribbon, white and teal acrylic inks, mulberry flowers, paper straw, gems, glue, tape


Cut the square box mini album – use white card for the base elements (yellow cut file elements) and Merry Weather paper C88 005 for the decorative elements (blue cut file elements).

Glue deco elements to the sides of the box and lid. Do not attach the deco element to the top of the lid! Leave to dry.

Arrange 3 white card squares in a line with 3mm spaces in between. Place blue ribbon across the centre of the squares so that it connects them together. You can use tape to secure the ribbon in place for further assembly. Make sure you have enough ribbon sticking out at both ends to later attach it to the box and the lid. Glue the remaining white card squares on top to cover the ribbon and create a chain.

On each side of the white card chain attach the deco squares – they will be smaller than the base so make sure you place them in the centre.

Assembly the box and the lid using glue.

Now you need to attach the photo chain element to the box. Leave ribbon a little bit longer than the length of the photo square and attach it to the front side of the box using tape. The bottom photo square should be able to lay flat down on the bottom of the box.
The ribbon from the other end of the photo chain should be threaded through the slit in the lid – leave it about 5mm/1cm long to allow for the photos to be visible when hanging. Attach the ribbon using tape and glue the lid deco square on top.

Your box is ready.

Sprinkle teal and white acrylic inks over the front of the box and top of the lid.
On the front of the box, assemble gems, clock face and flowers.
On the lid top, attach cut up paper straw, clock face and some flowers. Attach one of the Stickers ST88 001 onto white card and fuzzy cut it. Attach it t the top of the straws.

Once they dry, your mini is ready for adding some photos and creating memories.

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