Tuesday, 13 September 2016



Photos:  2 X 4 X 6 PHOTOS – Identical photo , one at a distance , one close up. Black and white work really well  
Paper: 3 x sheets C87 , cut three sheet 8 x6 “
Chipboard : VW BUS with the frames
Stencil:  DS 87
Beads : Buttons, beads, bling stars & hearts, Pearls
Straws : Paper straws
Paint : Prima metallic paint
Art stones : Colour with cranberry spray

Matting: No matting required- sand edges /paint


Cutting instructions:

Single page

1.      Use Canvas as background
2.      Cover entire canvas with 3D GLOSS

3.      Stick Beads and pearls and spray inks directly on to the wet gloss, products used below , feel free to change colours to match photos.
4.      Use Olba glue to stick papers on to the canvas as foam squares will not stick.
5.      Add the three papers chosen at an angle, add your two photos next to each other.
6.      Add the chipboard frames once dry and painted with metallic silver – use them to accent your photos
7.      Cut straws and add to the right of the photo.
8.      Add your vw bus – at least 8 buses of different sizes ( painted silver metallic) , layering them on top of the photo. , add an extra sprits of spray

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