Wednesday, 21 September 2016

C85 Shabby Rose Collection
Layout ‘live today’ – by Michelle Frisby

For This Project You Will Need
   FabScraps Romantic Panels – C85 003
   FabScraps Romantic Door – C85 004
   FabScraps Stencil DS 050
   FabScraps stickers ST85 002
   White cardstock
   FabScraps metal adornments
   Muslin [cheesecloth], stamens, flowers, cotton, gesso, clear gesso, transparency clock, corrugated cardboard, stencil, modelling paste, mist, lacy edge punch, metal die, foliage dies, floral die, water pen or paintbrush

1.              Use white cardstock as your base for this layout.
2.            Cut a piece of C85 003 as your background paper  and from the left hand side approximately 4 ½” down the side, start to tear across the paper – by the time you reach the other side you will have finished at approximately 6 ½” down on the right hand side edge.
3.            Cut into two pieces, so that one piece is approximately 6 ½” and the other approximately 4 ½” – flip one of those pieces of paper over.
4.            Now have them sitting side by side – with the remaining small edge piece, cut into thin strips.
5.             Using either a water pen or a wet paintbrush, wet the edges so that you can curl them up a little by running your thumb and fingers down the edge to manipulate the edge a little.
6.            Once dry adhere to your cardstock base at the top of your layout and layer some of the smaller thin strips on either side – refer to photo.
7.             With some of the remaining paper from your initial tear, curl the edges and adhere down the bottom of your cardstock, but only close to the bottom of the edge of the patterned paper – refer to photo if you are unsure.
8.            Tuck in a little muslin, a clock adornment, some cotton and a small flower to make your embellishment cluster on the bottom left hand side of your layout.
9.            Paint on some clear gesso on the top section of patterned paper and white cardstock and allow to dry.
10.        Grab the co-ordinating stencil from this collection – DS 050 and some modelling paste and using your fingertips apply modelling paste to the stencil in the middle of your layout, towards the top and allow to dry.
11.          Cut some smaller rectangles from C85 004 and layer, alternating layers of cardstock and patterned paper and a little muslin, building up the layers.  Between some of the layers add a little corrugated cardboard to give height and dimension to your layout.  Tuck in and adhere sentiment/title for your layout.
12.        Cut two or three strips of patterned paper, the reverse side of C85 004, punch a few thinner strips and tuck them under the strips and layer them amongst the papers for a little variety, so they don’t have a straight edge.
13.        Using a floral die, cut out two flower shapes, manipulate the paper, added a layer of muslin, some stamens and top with a flower.
14.        Tuck in a transparency clock under your floral embellishment cluster and tuck in a little more foliage and a smaller flower and some cotton on the left hand side of your paper layer cluster.
15.         Cut some more foliage and adhere this together with a little more muslin in the bottom middle of your photo cluster and then add a little cotton and some small blooms on the right hand side of your photo.
16.        I also used one of the tag stickers adhered to white cardstock and then cut out around the shape and tucked that in amongst the layers.
17.         Randomly apply some white gesso and then spray a little green mist and apply a little more of that mist with a paintbrush.

18.        All done.

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