Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tutorial by Lisa Marie Watling | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection: C75 Tranquility
Good For The Soul
Fab Design Team Member: Lisa-Marie Watling

You will need:

Fabscraps Gentle Leaves
Fabscraps French Gray
Fabscraps French Stripe
Fabscraps French Rulers
Fabscraps “Good for the Soul” Chippie
Fabscraps Filligree Chippie + die cut
Adhesives – foam tape, Tombow
Blue and Black Chalk Ink
Glossy Accents
Light Blue and Dark Grey embroidery silk
Light and Dark Blue adhesive pearls
Cardstock (any colour)
Journalling Pen


1.          Start by cutting all your Fabscraps pieces down to size. Gentle leaves – trim the title strip; French Gray – trim down to 10.5 x 10.5 inches.  French Stripe – 8.5 x 4 ¾ inches. French Rulers – 7 x 4.5 inches.

2.          For each piece per point one above, mark off your stitching one-quarter inch deep to create a stitched frame.  I used embroidery silk on each piece in opposing colours – i.e. blue on grey, grey on blue.

3.          Once that is done, distress all the edges with your distressing tool.  Chalk as you wish using black chalk ink

4.          Cut a piece of cardstock down to 11.5 x 11.5 inches and adhere to the BACK of Fabscraps Gentle leaves – your base page - as this helps with stability

5.          Adhere foam tape to the prepared Fabscraps French Gray.  Remove the backing of the tape and then stick down strips of gauze to the tape, so that about 0.5 inches of gauze sticks out over the edges of your paper.  Then centre and adhere it to your base page – Fabscraps Gentle Leaves.  Do the same with your third piece – French Stripe and adhere it to the left of Fabscraps French Gray

6.          Adhere French Rulers strip slightly off centre (2 ¼ from the bottom, 1 ¾ from the right) using Tombow

7.          Prepare your title chippie – Fabscraps “Good for the Soul”.  Apply a thick coat of Blue chalk ink and allow to dry – or use your heat gun.  Apply a coat of Glossy Accents to just the wording and set aside to dry

8.          Grab the flowers you have selected and chalk the edges with black chalk and use your journaling pen to make highlights

9.          Glue the Fabscraps filigree die cut to the corresponding chippie using Tombow.  Chalk it with black chalk ink, highlight with your journaling pen and adhere light blue pearls

10.       Adhere your photograph and your title chippie once it has dried (I kept the chippie in its frame) to the French Rulers strip

11.       Arrange and adhere your flower clusters – I also added more gauze to these, tucking it under and around the flowers.  Adhere your Filligree Chippie next to your upper flower cluster – tuck it under the flowers.  Glue down your dark blue pearls

12.       You’re done!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tutorial by Lisa- Marie Watling | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection: C75 Tranquility

Name: Tranquil Harmony (OTP Altered artists palette)

Fab Design Team Member: Lisa-Marie Watling

You will need:

Fabscraps Gentle Leaves
Fabscraps Flower Filligree chippie
Fabscraps Jungle Flower stencil
Fabscraps Ornamental Filligree chippies
Adhesives – Modge Podge, Tombow, glue gun
Wooden artists palette
Perfect Pearls Mist – blue smoke
Mistery Huey’s Color Mist – Shine
White acrylic paint
White UTEE, clear embossing powder
Butterfly stamp
Brown Staz On
Blue and Brown Chalk Ink
Glossy Accents
Flowers, Lace


1.          Start off by tracing the outline of the palette onto Gentle Leaves and cutting it out about 0.5 inches larger than your trace.  Apply a coat of Modge Podge to the surface of the palette and adhere the paper accordingly.  Allow to dry well before sanding off the edges

2.          Place your Jungle Flower stencil onto the palette and mist with Perfect Pearls Blue Smoke.  Use a heat gun to dry.  Then mist over the entire palette using Mister Huey’s Shine mist.  Set aside to dry

3.          Grab your title chippie – “Tranquil Harmony” and lightly paint it using your white acrylic paint.  Once dry, give it a spray of Perfect Pearls Blue Smoke.  Chalk the edges with blue chalk ink. Once dry, coat it with Glossy Accents and set aside to dry

4.          Ink your Flower Filligree chippie with blue and cut them out of the frame once dry

5.          Ink the larger filigree shape from your Ornamental Filligree chippie with dark brown Staz On and while still wet, apply white UTEE to the damp spots. Emboss

6.          Ink the smaller two filigree shapes from your Ornamental Filigree with brown chalk and while still wet, apply clear embossing powder.  Emboss

7.          Fussy cut some leaves from the Gentle Leaves page.  Stamp butterflies with brown Staz on, onto the Gentle Leaves page and fussy cut them out too. Chalk the edges with brown chalk ink

8.          Chalk the edges of some of your larger flowers with blue and mist all of them using Mister Huey’s Shine Color Mist,  set aside to dry

9.          Time to assemble!  Arrange your flower selection into three clusters and glue them down using the glue gun. Adhere the selection of ornamental filigree chippies, as well as the flower filigree chippie and the fussy cut leaves and butterflies around your flower clusters

10.       Mist your lace with Perfect Pearls Blue Smoke and Mister Huey’s Shine Colour Mist, dry with the heat gun and then apply to the edges of your palette

11.       Adhere your title chippie “Tranquil Harmony” to your larger flower cluster and then mist the entire piece with Mister Huey’s Shine Color Mist

12.       You’re done!

Tutorial by Denise Van Deventer | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection: C75 Tranquility

Live Laugh Love Tag by Denise van Deventer

I love making tags and it’s always nice to keep some on hand for gifts and general use.

Supplies List:

Patterned Paper: FabScraps C75 005 French Rulers, FabScraps C75 008 French Gray
Stencils:  FabScraps DS35 005 Jungle Twine
Stickers: FabScraps ST75 002 Live and Love
Chipboard: FabScraps DC75 013 Filigree Trim
Diecuts:  FabScraps MC75 001A Tranquility Journal Die-Cuts
Metal Accents: FabScraps E7 02 Beach Charms – Compass
Blooms: Large FabScraps bloom & 2 teal Petaloo blooms
Cardstock: 2 x different shades of Green, White.
Die-Cuts: Leaf and ornate circular die-cuts
Brown Pigment Ink
Pink & White Acrylic Paint
Pink Spritz Ink
Double sided Tape
Spray bottle and water
Pens: White Gel, Brown or Grey Fine Liner
3D Adhesive Foam
Teal Lace


1.     Cut a piece of white cardstock 13cm x 19.5cm and distress the edges and ink with brown pigment ink.
2.     Cut a rectangle 11.5cm x 18cm of French Rulers paper and round and ink the edges, with brown pigment ink.
3.     Stick down this French Rulers rectangle onto the cardstock, ensuring that you use lengths of double sided tape, to cover the entire surface, so that there are no gaps in the tape. (This helps to prevent warping of the paper when you use gesso and water).
4.     Place the stencil over the entire tag and secure with small bits of sticky tape.   Use an old credit card or spatula to spoon and smooth some gesso over the entire tag. Remove your stencil and allow the gesso to dry completely.
5.     Using your spray bottle, spray liberal amounts of water over your gesso areas.  Add little drops of pink acrylic paint onto these wet areas.  Now spritz more water into these little drops of paint, so that it starts to run.  Pick up your tag and move the paint and water around, so that it runs in between your gesso stencilled area. See photo below. Allow this to dry completely.  See figure 1.

Tutorial by Denise Van Deventer | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection C75 Tranquility

General Tag by Denise van Deventer

Tags are one of my favourite things to make! It is a great way to use up bits and bobs and 

Supplies List:

Patterned Paper: FabScraps C75 007 Sewing Patterns, FabScraps C75 004 French Stripe, FabScraps C75 002 Misty Floral
Chipboard: FabScraps DC75 009 Filigree
Blooms: 2 teal Petaloo blooms
Stamp: Prima – Background
Cardstock: White and 2 shades of green
Die-Cuts: Various leaf  die-cuts and a circle die-cut
Pigment Ink: Oasis Green and Brown
Pink & White Acrylic Paint
Pink Aquarelle Pencil
Grey Fine Liner Pen
Double sided Tape
3D Adhesive Foam
Teal Lace


1.   Cut a piece of white cardstock 13cm x 19.5cm and distress the edges and ink with Oasis Green pigment ink.
2.     Cut a rectangle 12cm x 18,5cm of Sewing Patterns paper and distress and ink the edges, with Oasis Green pigment ink.
3.     Stick down the Sewing Patterns rectangle onto the cardstock.
4.     Ink the Prima background stamp with brown pigment ink.  Without using an acrylic block, just your fingers, randomly stamp over the Sewing Patterns paper.  Using your fingers means that the images are softer, without sharp edges.
5.     Cut 2 circular patterned die-cuts, approx. 10cm in diameter each, from the French Stripe paper. I used the lacey side of the paper.  Ink the edges of these circles and then stick them down using 3D Adhesive Foam, overlapping one another, down the centre of the tag.
6.     Cut out the Filigree chipboard from it’s frame, ensuring that you keep the frame intact for later use. Paint the chipboard piece with pink acrylic paint and allow to dry.
7.     Fussy cut 2 half flowers from the Misty Floral paper, along with 10 leaves.  Use the pink Aquarelle pencil to colour in the centre of the flowers.  Spritz some water onto this coloured area and allow the colour to spread to the edges of the flower. Once dry, stick these either side of the circle die-cuts, where they overlap.
8.     Die-cut various leaves and use a white gel pen and a grey fine liner to add highlights and definition to them.
9.     Stick down the 2 teal blooms, at opposite ends of your die-cut circles. One is now at the top of the tag and one is at the other end.  Add some of the leaf die-cuts and fussy cut leaves around these blooms.
10.  Stick the Filigree chipboard over the centre of the 2 die-cut circles, where they overlap.
11.  Add pearls to the Filigree chipboard piece.
12.  Take a paint brush and with small amounts of white acrylic paint, highlight the blooms, leaves and Filigree chipboard.
13.  Fold over teal lace and adhere behind the tag, in the top left hand corner.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tutorial by Adri Du Preez | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection C75 Tranquility
Life is beautiful – Adri du Preez
For This Layout You Will Need

·      FabScraps Tranquility paper range : C75 005, 006,007 and 008
·      Chipboard pieces DC75 003 and 012
·      Journal Die Cut MC75 001A (Cherish)
·      FabScraps Metal Embellishments
·      Pink and grey cardstock for matting the 4” x 6”photo
·      Black, pink and grey acrylic paint
·      Flowers, staments, enamel dots
·      Twine
·      Stamp
·      Black archival ink
·      Platinum distress stickles
·      Silver rub
·      White Gesso
·      Black water soluble pencil


1.   Distress and ink edges of sheet 006. Trim sheet 007 to 9” x 11,5”. Distress, ink and adhere to the base.
2.   Cut one 7” x 6” square from 008.
3.   Cut one 6” x 6” square from 005.
4.   Cut two tags from 005, use the reverse side of one.
5.   Mat your photo on grey and pink cardstock.
6.   You can now adhere all die layers as well as the photo mat.
7.   Randomly paint your background and layers with pink and grey acrylic paint.
8.   Outline the edges of the layers with a black water soluble  pencil and blend with a fine tip water brush.
9.   Add some stamping to the background.
10.        Paint the title chipboard with black acrylic paint.
11.        Paint the flower chippie with white gesso.  When dry, paint with pink and gray acrylic paint and distress stickles.
12.        Alter the flowers by randomly painting them with white gesso, pink and grey acrylic paint. When dry, rub some silver rub and distress stickles on the petals with your fingers.
13.        Arrange the flower clusters and flower chippie.
14.        Cover the photo with a piece of paper and add some black ink splatters.
15.        All done! Just frame and hang!