Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Christmas Ornament – by Jeanine de Bruyn
Christmas Snow Collection C90

This adorable decoration is created from a large matchbox measuring 5 x 10.5cm.

Requirements: Carderspack MC90 001A
                           Large matchbox
                           Texture paste or puff paint
                           Glitter, micro beads in blue and clear and gel medium
                           Large Beads and some Christmas balls

From the papers in the carders pack cut some snowmen/families, toadstool houses and two snowmen in stockings.

You will only be needing the inside of the matchbox so you can throw away (or if you are like me save it for another project) the outside of the matchbox.
Begin by making a small hole on the top and bottom of the matchbox.  Into the top hole thread a piece of ribbon making a loop to hang the ornament with, I added some beads to it too.  Into the bottom hole I threaded 4 pieces of ribbon onto which I tied Christmas balls on the ends.

From the back of one of the sheets in the carders pack I cut a frame measuring 14cm x 9cm. I also covered the entire inside of the matchbox with the same paper, this helps cover the pieces of ribbon sticking through the inside of the matchbox.
Mix some glitter with your texture paste and apply to the inside of the matchbox, next mix more glitter and microbeads with gel medium and add this also to the inside of the matchbox. Then begin layering your cut out pieces I began by sticking some of the toadstool houses to the back of the matchbox and then adding some foam tape behind 2 more toadstools and layering them on top of the other toadstools.

Next I added my snowmen/families and a few small toadstools to the front of the scene. Then I went over all my images with a little bit more of the texture paste and glitter mix.
Now cover the outside of the matchbox with some of the papers in the carders pack.
Glue the frame to the front of the matchbox and then add the two little snowmen in stockings to the sides of the frame, I added a ‘title’ to the top of the frame and a red bow to the bottom of the frame. Then add a final layer of texture paste and glitter to the frame.

I went back over some of the images with some stickers just for a little bit more of a glittery effect. Hope you have fun with your Christmas crafting everyone.

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