Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tutorial From Petra Offrell ⎮ Elegant Chic C71 Collection

Collection: C71 Elegant Chic

Name of Project:  The eyes are the window to the soul

Fabulicious Design Team Member: Petra Offrell

For This Project You Will Need:                 

               FabScraps Elegant Chic C71 001 x 1
               FabScraps Elegant Chic C71 004 x 1
               FabScraps Elegant Chic C71 006 x 1
               FabScraps Elegant Chic C71 007 x 1
               FabScraps Elegant Chic ST71 001 Stickers
               FabScraps Metall embellishment dragon fly
               Distress ink
               Flowers & leaves
               Edge distresser


1.     Use the FabScraps Elegant Chic C71 006 as the base. Rough up the edges using n edge distresser and ink the edge using distress ink.
2.     Cut pieces from Elegant Chic C74 007 and 4 to use under the photo. Rough the edges and ink. Place underneath the photo and stick together using machine stitching.  
3.    Add the stack onto a doily and to the base. Do not glue down the edges.
4.     Cut a sticker from Elegant Chic ST71 001 in halves and add under the edges oof the photo-stack, one half on each side.
5.     Tear a stripe from Elegant Chick C71 001 and rough the edges and ink. Glue onto the upper edge of the base.
6.     Add the chipboard title. I think the raw finish loos great onto these colors.
7.     Add the flowers, leaves and the metal dragonfly.
8.    Add the butterfly stickers.
9.     Your layout is now ready to frame and hang!

Monday, 2 March 2015

"How to withFabscraps" C74 Floral Delight Collection

Collection: C74  Floral Delight
Name of Project:  Bridal Shower Card  
Fabulicious Design Team Member: Jennifer Snyder

For This Project You Will Need:

       FabScraps Floral Delight Collection- Delft  paper  - C74004 2x76in strip
       FabScraps Floral Delight Journal Die Cuts -M74001A
       Edge Punch
       Ribbon - Cream Color
       Scalloped Lace
       Pearl Floral Berries
       White cardstock or prefolded card 5x7in
       Punched leaves or pine sprigs
       Pearl Strands
       Wooden Chevrons
       Blue Ink

  1. I used a prefolded 5in x 7in white card as my background.  Cut a strip from FabScraps Floral Delight Collection- Delft  paper  - C74004 to fit card lengthwise 2x7in strip.
  2. Punch two strips of white cardstock to be used as edging on strip from step 1 above.   Ink edges of the punch cardstock blue and glue to card.  
  3. Pick hat box die cut from the FabScraps Floral Delight Journal Die Cuts -M74001A.  Add cardboard or dimensional foam tape to the back of the diecut and glue to card. 
  4. Glue a piece of scalloped lace under the bottom of the hat box to turn into a "cake".  
  5. Punch some strips of cream colored cardstock and outline the edged of the hat boxes to make them appear as layers of a cake.  Accent with string pearls.
  6. Decorate left side of "cake' with a bow, floral berries, and leaves or punched pine sprigs.
  7. Tuck wooden chevrons into the cluster and top with rolled flowers or small flowers. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

"How to with Fabscraps" C74 Floral Delight Collection

Collection: C72 Floral Delight
Name of Project:  Time for Tea
Fabulicious Design Team Member: Maggi Harding

For This Project You Will Need:

·       FabScraps Floral Delight collection C74:
·       1 sheet C74 002 Delft Blue
·       1 sheet C74 003 Delft Flowers
·       1 sheet C74 001Blue Birds
·       2 sheets contrasting color cardstock if desired
·       Fabscraps chipboard DC74 008 Teapot
·       Fabscraps MC74 001A Journal Book diecut teapot and fussy cut Time for Tea title and teacups from top of cake.
·       Punch around the page border punch
·       Embellishments of your choice - flowers, leaves etc.


  1. Cut 003 Delft Flowers down  to a 10" square.  Punch around the page if desired.
  2. Cut a piece of contrasting cardstock to 10" square and adhere 003 Delft Flowers from step 1  on top of the cardstock.
  3. Now tear 4 strips from 001 Blue Birds about 1" x 10.5" and adhere around the edges of the paper in step 2 so that about a half inch is showing all around.  Now glue all of this to 002 Delft Blue not centered on the page, but to the right side and bottom of the page as shown in the above photo.
  4. Choose a white and a patterned diecut teapot from MC74 001A Journal book. We are going to create a teapot with a white handle and base so carefully cut the handles and bases from both diecuts.  Now attach the teapot body to the DC74 008 chipboard teapot.  Then attach the white handle and base.  You will have to carefully trim a little to make it fit since the white teapot is facing the oposite direction of the patterned teapot.
  5. Mat your photo on cardstock and adhere to the right side of the page as shown.
  6. Diecut an oval or cut a rectangle about 4" x 6" amd adhere towards the left bottom overlapping the photo.  Now adhere the teapot as shown in the photo.
  7. Pop up the teacups and adhere to the right of the teapot.
  8. Take the Time for Tea title  from MC74 001A Journal Book and using foam to pop it up, place underneath the photo.
  9. Embellish as desired with flowers, butterflies and greenery.

"How to with Fabscraps" C72 Beach Affair Collection

Collection: C72 Beach Affair

Name of Project:  By the Seaside
Fabulicious Design Team Member: Maggi Harding

For This Project You Will Need:
·       FabScraps C72 Beach Affair collection: 1 sheet 008 Fish 2, 1 sheet 001 Starfish, 1 sheet 005 Lighthouse, 1 sheet 002 Starfish 2
·       Fabscraps MC72 001A Journal Book
·       Fabscraps DC72 012 Chipboard
·       2 x 12" strip of coordinating cardstock
·       Mask and white masking paste
·       Red mist
·       Scraps of cardboard
·       Embossing powder
·       Embellishments of your choice, i.e. flowers, leaves swirls, etc.


  1. Paint the  paper, 008, Fish 2, with clear gesso and allow to dry.  Tear a 1" strip off the right side and then distress and ink all the edges.
  2. Do some masking on the paper from step 1.  Mist the page and apply some paint splatters.  Allow the page to dry.
  3. Border punch a color coordinated 2 x 12"  piece of cardstock and glue about a 1/4" from the right side of 002 Starfish 2.  Then glue the masked paper from step2 to 002 Starfish 2 overlapping the punched edge as shown in the photo.
  4. Tear a right angle scrap of cardboard approximately 4.5 " x 5.5".  Tear a scrap of paper and tuck under the edge of the cardboard and adhere to the right bottom corner.
  5. Cut out 3 of the postcards and one of the tags  from MC72 001A Journal Book. 
  6. Cut two 4 x 6" pieces of 001Starfish and  distress and ink the edges.
  7. Tear a right angle piece of 005 Lighthouse about 10.5" long and wide enough to fit under your photo and adhere to the top right side of your layout.
  8. Now layer the two pieces of paper from step 6, the cardboard, and the 3 postcards in a pleasing manner underneath the location of your photo.  Refer to the photo for placement guidance.
  9. Add some additional misting if you wish.
  10. Take the anchor from the DC72 012 chipboard and either paint or  emboss with embossing enamel.  Arrange the anchor with the tag  from step 5 and some flowers in the bottom right corner.
  11. Add embellishments of your choice, i.e. flowers, flourishes, leaves, etc.