Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Gazebo Lamp
-Tanya Cloete-

For This Project You Will Need:

·         FabScraps Call from the Wild Collection paper range : C91 001, 002, 003, 004 & 008
·         FabScraps Chipboard Pieces : DC 91 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 009 & 010
·         FabScraps Carder’s Pack MC91 001A
·         Silhouette Cameo
·         Couture Creations Die Classic Leaf
·         Cottage Cutz Die Spruce Stems
·         Battery Operated Tea Light
·         Brown and Green Cardstock
·         Vellum
·         Tim Holtz Distress Stain Picket Fence
·         Tim Holtz Distress Ink Brushed Corduroy and Forest Moss
·         Glossy Accents
·         Metal Embellishments, Beige Flat Back Pearls, Door Knob, Hessian Ribbon, Grass String, Resin Africa and Big 5 Emebllishments, Guinea Fowl Craft Feathers and Porcupine Quills

1.      Silhouette Cameo:
·         Cut a 3D Gazebo from sheets 001, 002, 004 and cut the bottom piece from brown cardstock. Remember to cut a hole in the centre as well for the battery operated tea light to fit. Assemble accordingly. Add the vellum pieces to the opening sections of the gazebo. Add the door knob ontop.
2.      Cut approx 30 leaves using the classic leaf die from the sheets 002, 003 & 008. Ink the edges with brushed corduroy.
3.      Cut approx 18 spruce stems from brown and green cardstock.
4.      Add the matching die cut from the carder’s pack to chipboard piece 010 and ink the edges with brushed corduroy.
5.      Add the matching die cut from the carder’s pack to chipboard piece 009 as per the picture. Add this to chipboard piece 010 and then add the resin africa embellishment.
6.      Attach some guinea fowl feathers to the 2 porcupine quills (for each side as per the picture) with grass string.
7.      Ink chipboard pieces 003, 006 and 007 with distress stain picket fence top section only. Ink the bottom section with brushed corduroy. Add glossy accents and leave to dry.
8.      Ink chipboard pieces 004 and 005 with distress stain picket fence top section only. Ink the bottom section with forest moss. Add glossy accents and leave to dry.

9.      Arrange all the pieces and embellishments as you like or as per the picture and glue!
10.  All Done!

C91 Calls from the Wild Collection
Card - Enjoy the Journey
By Lisa-Marie Watling

Fabscraps C91 004 Survival
Fabscraps DC91 013 Chippie – Jeep
Fabscraps MC91 001A Carders Pack
Cardstock : olive green and dark beige
Title stickers : Enjoy The Journey
Chalk : lightest beige, green and brown
Coloured Pencils : brown, green, black, beige
Glitter glue : white, yellow and orange
Tombow glue
Glossy accents
Foam dots


1.              Coat your vehicle chippie liberally with palest beige chalk.  Then use your coloured pencils to colour in the various details. Coat the entire chippie with Glossy Accents once done and then set aside to dry
2.              Cut your green cardstock down to measure 12 x 6 inches; score down the centre to create your base card
3.              Cut a  square measuring 5 ¾ x 5 ¾ from C91 004 (green side up); chalk with brown, distress the edges and then centre and adhere to your base card
4.              Cut a sheet from your Carders pack to measure 5 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches; chalk with brown, distress and then centre and adhere to the base you’ve created above
5.              Cut another piece from your Carders pack to measure 4 ¼ x 4 ¾ inches.  Chalk with brown and distress the edges.  Fold over the upper left hand corner and then adhere it to the left of the card you’ve created above
6.              Adhere your title stickers down the ‘gap’ that has been created beside the piece in point 5 above, using foam dots
7.              Finally, cut your dried vehicle chippie from its frame and adhere it to the centre of your card, at a slight angle

8.              As a finishing touch, add some glitter glue into the headlights and indicators

C91 Calls from the Wild CollectionAfrican Adventures Mini Album and Altered Tin
by Jeanine de Bruyn


You will need:       Calls of the wild carders pack MC91001A
                               Africa album DC91 001
                              Stamp stickers ST91 002
                              Chipboard pieces DC91 009, DC91 012,DC91 008, DC91 010
                              Stencil DS 062
                              Tin big enough to fit the album into
                              Papers- Extinction C91 006, Vulnerable C91 008, Vanishing C91 003,
                              Endangered C91 007,Threatened C91 001, Conservation C91 002.
                              Paint, string, ribbons, flowers and embellishments of your choice


I began by painting my tin with black gesso. I then covered the front and sides of the tin with the patterned papers. I also covered the inside of the lid and the inside of the tin with the patterned papers.

I painted and embossed the large chipboard tree (DC91 012) and the title ‘Africa’ (DC91 008). Then I glued one of the cut out Rhinos from the carders pack and one of the Africa shapes to the corresponding chipboard pieces. I tore small pieces from the patterned papers and glued them to the lid of the tin at the bottom and added some gauze then glued down the tree and the Rhino. To the top right of the tin I glued the Africa shape and then the title Africa over it. I also attached a handle to the ‘top’ of the tin. Lastly I splattered brown and black paint over the tin.

On the inside lid of the tin I created a pocket to add extra photos or memorabilia. To embellish the pocket I added one of the ‘stamp’ die cuts from the carders pack, some flowers, one of the stamp stickers from the sticker sheet, a button and some hessian ribbon   from my stash to finish off the pocket. Lastly I splattered paint over the inside of the tin.

To make the album I sprayed the front cover of the album with a stone spray paint that I have had in my stash for ages. I then used a serviette that had an image of an elephant on it and modge podged it to the front of the cover. I painted and embossed the small tree from the chipboard piece (DC91 012) and added it with a rub on from my stash above the elephant.

I painted all the pages of the album with brown paint then added patterned papers from the collection to most of the pages except for the last page this one I painted with some blue, green and white paints then sprayed over the stencil (DS 062) with the stone spray paint. I added a photo mat made from brown cardstock, some torn pieces of patterned paper and some tags above and behind the photo mat to finish off the page.

I just loved this paper range and really had a lot of fun creating this mini, I hope you are inspired by this project to create an amazing album for yourself.

C91 Calls from the Wild Collection


By Ewelina Gryglak

For this layout you will need:

Protected paper C91 005
Conservation paper C91 002
Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008
Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012
Stencil DS 061 C91 range

Other products: clear matte gesso, texture paste, lace ribbon, white water-based paint, colour co-ordinating gouache paint (amber), white acrylic ink, texture stamps and black archival ink, double-sided tape, glue


Paint the Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008 with white acrylic ink; once dry, watercolour with amber gouache paint.

Your base page is Protected paper C91 005, the rhino side up. To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).

Once dry, draw a frame around the page using black Sharpie.
Add the stamp designs around the centre area where your focus will be.

Run the texture paste through the Stencil DS 061 C91 range – the hooves design only – do it across the page in 5-6 rows of various length. The stencil doesn’t need to be perfectly filled with the paste as it’s to create the impression of real hoof-prints.

While the ‘stamp’ is drying, spray the white paint to add colour and texture around the stencilled design and where your photo will be attached. Gradually add watered-down amber gouache paint to create layers of colour. Leave to dry.

Cut the Conservation paper C91 002 into strips of various length and width. You will use both sides of them when building the paper cluster. In black pen, draw frames on some of them. With a circle paper punch, punch circle designs in some of the strips.
Assemble into a paper cluster and staple the layers together.

Attach the paper cluster to the page.
Glue the bigger Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012 in between the layers.

Attach the photo on top of the paper cluster.
Glue the smaller Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012 on the corner of the photo.

Attach the earlier prepared Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008 on the side of the photo and on top of the horizontal paper strips from the cluster.

Good job!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

OTP – Book
By Lisa-Marie Watling


Fabscraps C90 001 Snow Family
Fabscraps C90 003 Santa’s Helpers
Fabscraps C90 005 Stockings & Bells
Fabscraps C90 006 Snow Stockings
Fabscraps C90 007 Dear Santa
Fabscraps C90 008 Santa’s Wreath
Fabscraps DC90 002 The Night Before Christmas chippie
Fabscraps MC90 001A Carders Pack
Fabscraps DC90 011 Holly chippie
Fabscraps DS059 Stencil
Wooden ‘book’
Inks – brown and green
Gold and red embossing powder
Craft cardstock
Gold crackle paste
Cotton pads
Glitter glue – red, brown, green and yellow
Red felt & plastic flowers
Resin leaves
Metal trinket
Gold & white craft paint
Heavy white gesso
Foam dots
Glue Gun
Glossy Accents


·                Paint your box with gold craft paint
·                Apply gold embossing powder to your title chippie DC90 002 and heat emboss
·                Cover your Holly chippie DC90 011 with green ink.  Apply some red embossing powder to the holly berries and heat emboss.  Swipe a few stripes of white acrylic paint to highlight the leaves.  Once dry, apply glossy accents and set aside to dry. Then cut from frame
·                From C90 001, cut a green strip that reads ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ and use this as the spine of your book.  Adhere with Tombow
·                Cover the front and the back of your book with C90 005 (red side up).  Adhere with Tombow and sand off any protruding edges
·                Adhere your title chippie to the upper portion of your book.  Fussy cut some holly leaves from C90 005; and then create a flower and leaf cluster below your title, using the flowers, leaves, metal trinket(s) and the fussy cut holly leaves.  Swipe with a little heavy white gesso
·                Cover the inner left hand side page of your book with C90 008 (checkered side up). Sand off any protruding edges and then ink all around with brown.  Using your DS059 stencil, stencil some of the design onto this page with green ink and your blending tool; use a coloured pencil to ‘shade’ your leaves.  Then apply some gold crackle paste through the swirls of the stencil around the green inked portion.  Once dry, adhere your DC90 011 holly chippie over the stencilled design you’ve created
·                Fussy cut the Santa from C90 003, adhere to some craft cardstock and fussy cut around him again.  Create an ‘L-shaped’ stand, as he is going to be in the foreground of the inner part of your book.  Fussy cut some Christmas trees from C90 007 and a snowman family from a sheet from your Carders Pack and chalk the edges with brown
·                Cut a piece of C90 006 down to measure the inner portion of the box part of your book. Adhere with Tombow and dry brush some white craft paint across the central part
·                Arrange and adhere your fussy cut trees and snowman family to this; use both Tombow and foam dots to create a 3D effect
·                Adhere your fussy cut Santa to the bottom framed part of your book so that he stands in the forground
·                Pull your cotton pads apart and cut them to resemble snow (icicles for the upper frame of your box and mounds for the lower part).  Adhere these accordingly (as shown in the photographs) with Tombow.  Arrange and adhere some more pieces of cotton pads around and behind your Santa so that it appears that he is walking in snow
·                Fussy cut some of the snowflakes from a sheet from your Carders Pack and arrange and adhere these to the upper section of ‘icicle’ snow

·                Finish off the characters and trees in this section with glitter glue

Wall Hanging
by Kavitha

Supplies list:

FabScraps Christmas Snow Collection  -C90-002,004,005
C90 stickers- ST89-001
Wooden base white gesso, Mod podge, Snow paste, glitters, acrylic paint
FabScraps chipboard - DC90-003


1.Adhere the pattern paper 002 to the wooden base using modpodge.

2.Add some layers of pattern paper to the base

3.Give a coat of water downed white gesso to tone down the colors

4.Paint the chipboard piece with red acrylic paint

5.Glue the chipboard piece in the center,stick down the sticker to a piece of white card stock and 
   fussy cut it and arrange them to the base.

6.Add snow paste randomly and sprinkle some white glitter when its still wet


by Kavitha

Supplies list:

Fab  scraps Christmas snow  collection-C90-004
C90 stickers- ST89-001
Fabscraps chipboard-DC90-008
Card stock, flowers, die cuts shapes, twine, ribbon etc


1.Cut the red card stock measuring 3 by 6 inches and patter paper measuring 2 7/8 by 5 ½ inches and    adhere together

2.Cut a circle tag shape in red cardstock,plain circle shapes in white card stock and glue it together.

3.Add the sticker to the tag shape for the focal point.

4.Arrange the flowers,die cut shapes and embellishments as desired

5.Add the chipboard shape to the tag.

6.Finish it off with ribbon and twine.