Thursday, 8 September 2016

C85 Shabby Rose Collection

"Love" Envelope Album 

by Dana Tatar

For this project you will need:
Peeled Roses (C85 001)
Rose Door (C85 002)
Romantic Panels (C85 003)
Romantic Door (C85 004)
Fresh Vintage (C85 005)
Vintage Panels (C85 006)
Lattice Rose (C85 007)
Rose Wood (C85 008)
Clear Picture Stickers (ST85 001)
Silver Chain Embellishment Clasp (E7 119)
4 Bar Envelope Template
White Cardstock
Dye Ink (Brown)
Acrylic Paint (White)
Flowers and Leaves (Pink, Blue, White)
Jute String (White)

1. Use a template to trace an envelope onto each of the Shabby Rose patterned papers. Use scissors to cut out each envelope. Apply brown dye ink to the edges of each envelope. Fold and assemble the envelopes.

2. To assemble the album, place one envelope on the work surface, inside of the envelope facing up and the envelope flap pointing to the right. Fold this envelope flap back behind the envelope. This flap will become the spine of the album. Apply adhesive to the flap of a second envelope, slide that flap, pocket side down, into the pocket of the first envelope and press to secure. Fold the envelope on the right over to cover  the envelope on the left, exposing the pocket of the second envelope. Repeat this process with the remaining envelopes. Once all the envelopes are sealed together, apply adhesive to the flap of the first envelope and fold it around the envelopes to create the spine of the album.

3. Use a hot glue gun to secure the clasp onto the center of the right hand side of the album cover. Cut a length of jute string. Tie the string to the clasp, pull it across the album cover to the left, and wrap it around the album. Loop the ends of the string through the clasp and tie a bow to hold the album closed.

4. Use a hot glue gun to add leaves and flowers to the front cover of the album.

5. Press the "Love" sticker onto a piece of white cardstock and cut out the image. Glue the image onto the front cover of the album.

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