Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tag – Best Friends


Fabscraps Medium Blue Cardstock
Fabscraps C92 003 Sprinkles
Fabscraps C92 005 Merry Weather
Fabscraps C92 008 Fairy Dust
Fabscraps ST92 001 Sticker Sheet
Fabscraps ST92 002 Sticker Sheet
Fabscraps MC92 001A Carders Pack
Pale mauve cardstock
Mauve chalk
Glitter glue : blue, pink, white and green
Foam dots
Double sided tape


·                From your Fabscraps cardstock, cut a tag measuring 4 x 8 inches; punch a hole in the upper section
·                Cut a piece of mauve cardstock down to measure 3 ¾ x 7 ¾ inches and match the upper end of your tag; distress the edges and adhere it to your base tag
·                Cut C92 008 (mauve side up) to measure 3.5 x 7.5 inches and match the upper end of your tag; chalk with mauve and distress the edges; adhere to your base tag
·                Select one of the tags from your carders pack (plain side up); distress the edges and then adhere it to C92 005 (trees side up); fussy cut around the edges and then adhere to the left hand portion of your tag
·                Adhere the ‘best friends’ sticker from ST92 002 to a discarded piece of paper from your carders pack (plain side up); fussy cut it out.  Adhere this to a piece of mauve cardstock and fussy cut it out.  Adhere this to a piece of leftover blue cardstock and fussy cut it out.  Finally, adhere this to a piece of paper from your carders pack – I selected the piece with the single peach tree; fussy cut out.  Set aside
·                Adhere the row of birds from your ST92 001 sticker sheet to a piece of paper from your carders pack (plain side up).  Cut it out and round of both short edges (as shown).  Adhere this to a strip from C92 003 (teal side up) and fussy cut out to; adhere a double layer of gauze to the back of this, using double sided tape
·                Adhere your row of birds piece to the lower right hand portion of your tag, so that it overlaps the adhered die cut tag
·                Adhere your ‘best friends’ sticker creation to the far left of your die cut tag (it will overlap the row of birds slightly) using foam dots

·                To finish – highlight some of the birds and features with corresponding coloured glitter glue.  Thread some ribbon through the tag hole

C92 Woodlands Friends Collection
 You are so tweet
Mini Owl Booklet
By Kim Herbst

Front Cover
Cover with C92 003. Cut out the eyes and the bottom row feathers.  On the right hand side. Glue the following down starting from the top. The mushroom and deer ephemera. Then the inked frame of the title and white cotton twine. Let some of the twine lay down towards the bottom. On top of the frame add the pink vellum 3” x4 ¼”.add the inked title C92 003 to the right of the frame. With a fussy cut bird on top. Then add flowers to decorate. See photo for placement.

Page 1 (inside cover)
Cover with C92 002
Cut 5 ½” x 2 ½” from C92 005. Place this bottom right.
Cut 4 ¾” x 3 ½” ink edges and place 1 ¼” up from the C92 005.
Add the squirrel DC 92 011 inked, on the left. And a small one on the bottom right.
Add a swirl chippie with three punched flowers on the right of the squirrel. Three blue bling at the bottom and left edge.
Punch three butterflies from left over paper and glue on the top right with pearls,

Page 2
Cover with C92 002
Cut photo frame 5 ¾” x 3 ¾”. Place 1 ½” from the bottom. Add flowers and punched flowers and bling under this.
Mat “best friend” tag with black cardstock and place onto the left, with one punched butterfly.

Cover with C92 001.
Add white cardstock photo mat. 5 ¾” x 4 ¼”. Add doily under the top section of the phot mat with a few flower, pearls and butterfly.  At the bottom add a bird ephemera on the right, small white flower and inked cuteness DC92 006.

Page 4
Cover with C92 001.
Make a pocket holder from C92 008. 7” x 4 ½” score ½” on three sides. Deco punch the top edge adding pearl bling. Place on bottom section adding punched butterfly, small swirl with punched flowers with bling in center. Punch out a heart, 2” x 4” from C92 005, dymo punched “friend” in black. Besties sticker. Refer photo for placement.  Cut two tags 4” x 5 ½”. One from C92 002, another from C92 008. Corner punch the edges.

Page 5 and Page 6

Cut strips from C92 003. And C92 002. Cover the background with the strips.

C92 Woodlands Friends
Best Friends
By Kim Herbst

What you will need:

C92 004 x 2
C92 007
C92 005
DC 063 stencil
DC 010 2 X Bambi
Modeling paste
Gel medium
Small glass stones in clear and silver.
Leaf die cut
Blue and white flowers
DC 92 007
Best friend title
White card stock
Green ribbon


For your background, use C92 004. Cut the bottom strips off and temporary join in the middle.

On the left side, using modeling paste, stencil the tree about one inch from left edge. When the paste is dry, lay the stencil over the modeling paste, ink the leaves and bark in browns and green.  I add a little green glitter on the leaves. 

Fussy cut some deer’s from C92 005, add under the tree. I fussy cut five. At the bottom of the page I added gel medium with a bit of blue ink to resemble water. Before this dried I added clear and silver stones. Also a small blue rose.

After inking the bambi’s, I added them just above the “water line”. C92 007 was place 7” from the left and ½” from the bottom. Added a 2 ¼” x 12” tag, 2” from the C92 007 edge. Place white card stock, 12” x 8”, 1 ½” from the left of C92 007.  Decorate and add the DC 92 007 owls on branch on the bottom right, just under the white cardstock.  Place a 6 ½” x4 ½” C92 005 on the top left 1 ¼” from edge. On top of that 6 ¼” x 4 ¼” of white cardstock.

From the C92 005 cut the following, the row with the blue and silver mushrooms. This is placed above the main white cardstock, add pearl bling. The birds and flower row. This is at the bottom of the page. 
C92 Woodlands Friends Collection
by Kavitha

Supplies list:

Card makers pack- MC92 001A
Fabscraps stickers- ST92 001


1.Take white cardstock measuring 5 ½ by 11 inches and score at 5 ½ inches

2.Take turquoise card stock measuring 5 3/8 by 5 3/8 inches.

3.Take a pattern paper from the card makers pack measuring 5 ¼ by 5 ¼ inches

4.Distress the die cuts with vintage photo distress inks

5.Add the die cuts and stickers to finish off the card.

C92 Woodlands Friends Collection

by Kavitha

Supplies list:

Card makers pack- MC92 001A
Sticker- ST92 001
Die cuts, buttons, white and colour cardstock


1.  Take white card stock measuring 3 by 6 inches.

2.  Take pattern papers from card kit,mat them with color cardstock and glue it to the tag.

3.  Die cut the flowers with pattern paper,add button to the center.

4.  Die cut butterfly and leaves from pattern paper

5.  Glue down everything together and finish it off wit ha sticker.

Friday, 3 March 2017


Josefine, our guest designer, created a beautiful African canvas using our C91 Call from the Wild Collection.  See below how she created this gorgeous canvas.

Hi everyone. My name is Josefine (aka HolyLise) and I’m thrilled to be guest designing for FabScraps today! FabScraps is my favorite brand for chipboard die cuts and paper for mixed media projects. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this opportunity means to me :D

But before I get all sentimental, here is the canvas that I created using the new Call from the Wild Collection.

I started by cutting the front page from the chipboard album into shape and adhered strips of the call of the wild paper on top. After the gel medium dried, I traced the Africa shape with my craft knife to get rid of all the access paper.

Then I gessoed it, so the colors were a little more muted and added some animal shapes with the Wild Animals stencil.

The paper has some really pretty animal photography on it, so I decided to cut some of the shapes out and adhere them to the continent. Now I painted over it with several shades of green and blue acrylic paint as well as some gold shimmering ink. I ended up adding two layers of paint, plus another layer of gesso.

While I was waiting for everything to dry, I separated the two trees from their frame. Now I colored that frame and the word “Africa” in dark blue and added some gold sparkle on top. I wanted the bigger tree to stand out from the background, so I gessoed it first and sprayed two shades of green ink on it afterwards.

For the canvas, I used black paint and added white spritzer on top in the hopes that it looks like a night sky. I sure hope that I was successful with it.

At the end I adhered the Africa shape to the canvas. Then I glued the frame, tree and the word die cut on top of it and finished everything up with some flowers.

I hope you enjoyed my guest project for FabScraps. I sure had a lot of fun creating this canvas and it will have a special place in my craft room.

Supplies Used
All the products used are from the Call from the Wild Collection C91

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Supplies list:

Fab  scraps Woodland friends collection-C92 – 001,006
Color cardstock,Dies,ribbons,and buttons


1.Diecut the banner shape with pink and purple card stock

2.Die cut the next size banner shape with pattern papers 001 and 006

3.Glue down the cardstock and pattern paper together

4.Punch holes on both sides of the banner and insert them through ribbon

5.Die cut  the alphabets with white and pink card stock and glue each alphabet to a banner.

6.Finish it off with a button.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

 Planner Set

For this project you will need:

Flutter Shine paper C92 001
Chipboard die-cut 3 OWLS DC92 008
Stencil DS 064 C92 range
Sticker set ST92 002
Carder’s Pack MC92 001A

Other: stamping inks, ‘Freedom’ stamp by Finnabair, gouache paints, paper clip, googly eyes, hot-glue gun, 2-sided tape, laminating pouches and laminator



From Flutter Shine paper C92 001 cut out an A5 size rectangle. From the ‘word’ side of the same paper, cut out some phrases to be added to the front of the divider later. Ink the edges of the strips.

Using the stamping inks and the Stencil DS 064 C92 range transfer the OWL designs onto the divider. Make sure that you outline the shapes with black pen, too.

Using the double-sided tape, attach the phrase strips on the divider.

It’s ready to be laminated and to have the holes punched!


From one of the papers in the Carder’s Pack MC92 001A, cut a 6”x2” rectangle. Add one of the stickers from the Sticker set ST92 002 and stamp out the ‘Freedom’ phrase in black. It’s ready for laminating!

Paint one of the owls from the Chipboard die-cut 3 OWLS DC92 008 with gouache paints. Glue it onto the laminated divider and add googly eyes.

Punch the holes and it’s ready!


From the Carder’s Pack MC92 001A, pick two owl die-cuts. Place them opposite one another to resemble mirror-reflection in the laminating pouch. Once laminated, fussy cut and fold over to create a page marker.


Paint the remaining two owls from the Chipboard die-cut 3 OWLS DC92 008 with gouache paint. Once dry, hot-glue the paper clip to the ‘back’ owl; add more glue and add ‘front’ owl. Add googly eyes.

Your owl paper clip is ready.

Enjoy your owl-themed planner set!


For this tag you will need:
Carder’s Pack MC912 001
Chipboard die-cut BEST FRIENDS DC92 003
Stencil DS 063
Other: watercolour tag, texture paste, green and amber gouache paint, white acrylic ink, black pen, glue, mulberry flowers and leaves


Your base the white watercolour tag. From a chosen paper from the Carder’s Pack, cut out a slightly smaller tag that you will glue onto the base tag. I traced the original tag on the paper and then cut it 2mm from the inside line. With black pen, outline the smaller tag; then distress its edges. Glus the tags together. This is your first layer.

Using Stencil DS 03 and texture paste, add ‘leaves’ design on the background. Using green paint, create watercolour-like effect over the stencilled area. Add sprinkles of darker green around the tag; do the same with the white acrylic ink.

Tear off pieces of papers from the Carder’s Pack to create a small cluster; outline some of the straight edges with black pen.

Colour the Chipboard die-cut BEST FRIENDS to match your colour theme (I ‘watercoloured’ it with amber and green paint). Leave it to dry.

Attach the paper cluster and chipboard to the tag; decorate with mulberry flowers.

Your tag is ready!

Friday, 17 February 2017


For this card you will need:

Flutter Shine paper C92 001
Chipboard die-cut FRIENDS DC92 005
Chipboard die-cut OWLS DC92 007
Other: card base, blue and black pens, watercolour paints, hot glue gun.


Cut the chipboards out of their frames and prime with white gesso.
Once dry, cut the ‘S’ off the Chipboard die-cut FRIENDS DC92 005 and paint the whole word grey.
On the Chipboard die-cut OWLS DC92 007, watercolour the branch green, the owls orange with a hint of purple to add depth.

From the Flutter Shine paper C92 001 cut two strips the length of the card base. One strip 3cm wide, the other strip 2cm wide. With black pen, draw frames on both of them.

12x12 scrap page ‘Cuteness’

For this layout you will need:

Starlight paper C92 004
Chipboard die-cut CUTENESS DC92 006
Stencil DS 063 C92 range
Carder’s Pack MC92 001A
Other requirements:  clear matte gesso, texture paste, colour co-ordinating gouache paint (green and orange), white acrylic ink, various leaf design and ‘family’ stamps + black archival ink, circle paper punch, mulberry leaves, 3d foam tape, glue


Paint the Chipboard die-cut CUTENESS DC92 006 white using the acrylic ink; once dry, watercolour it green using gouache paint.

Your base page is Starlight paper C92 004, the tree silhuettes side up. To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).

Mix texture paste with micro-balls to add dimension. Run the mix through the Stencil DS 063 C92 range – the tree design only – place it closer to one side of the page.

While the ‘stamp’ is drying, sprinkle the watered-down green and orange gouache paints onto the design so that it soaks the colour in and created the impression of various tones and shades. Green paint on the leaves, orange on the trunk.

Pick one of the sheets from the Carder’s Pack MC92 001A and cut it into strips of various size. With black pen, draw frames on all of them (you can do it on either side of the paper as you will use them both when building the paper cluster). Punch circles in some of the strips.
Once ready, assemble the strips into a paper cluster.

Once the stencilled design and paint are dry, stamp the leafy design around the area where the paper cluster will be attached. Stamp the ‘family’ around the whole design.

Attach the paper cluster to the page using 3d foam tape. Sprinkle more green and orange paint over the paper cluster. Using 3d foam tape, attach the photo on top.

Using double-sided tape attach the earlier prepared chipboard CUTENESS.

Glue in mulberry leaves under opposite corners of the paper cluster.

Good job!