Friday, 16 September 2016


Season of Joy – by Jeanine de Bruyn

  A single page Christmas layout using Fabscraps Christmas Snow collection C90

Requirements: 1 sheet Snow stockings C90 006
                            1 sheet of Stockings and Bells C90 005
                            1 sheet of Santas Wreath C90 008
                            1 sheet of Snow family C90 001
                            1 sheet of Santas helpers C90 003
                            Chipboard Album DC 90 001
                            Season of Joy chipboard title DC90 004
                            Stencil DS 059
                            White gesso and glitter
                            Buttons and String
                            Flowers and embellishments of your choice
                            1 medium doiley
                            Red and white cardstock

Directions: Cut 1cm from the top and 1cm from the left side of your Snow Stockings paper and glue it to one of your red cardstocks, this will be the background for your layout.
Tear a strip from the Stockings and Bells paper, 2 strips from the Santa’s helpers paper and one strip from the Santa’s Wreath paper, the strips should be about 4cm x 29cm each.
Next cut some of the strips off of the back of the Snow Family paper, I used 5 strips, and from the back of the Stockings and Bells paper cut a piece measuring 7x25cm.
Cut one of the strips from your Snow family paper (I used the red and green plaid piece) to 19cm in length, another of the strips (I used the Happy Holidays etc piece) to 21.5cm, the third strip (I used the strip with all the snowmen on it) to 27cm and then another strip (I used the one with all the wreaths on) to 23cm. The last strip (I used another of the red and green plaid strips) you will not cut down as you will need the full length of the strip.
To assemble your page begin by sticking your 23cm (Wreaths) strip across the bottom right of your page, approx. 7cm from the bottom of the page and right up against the right edge of the page, next glue your 7x25cm (back of the stockings and bells paper) piece slightly over the wreath strip also flush with the right side of your page, across the middle of your 7x25cm piece glue your 27cm strip(all the snowmen on). Now glue your 21.5cm strip (happy holidays etc) above and if possible slightly under your 7x25cm piece and then the last strip (19cm plaid piece) above and again slightly under the Happy Holidays strip.
Mix the white gesso with some glitter then using your stencil apply it to right side of the page about 3cm from the bottom of the page, going over all of the strips you have just glued down.
Cover one of the circles from the chipboard album with the red and green plaid on the back of the Santa’s Wreath paper. Mat your photo with the red and white cardstock.
Once the gesso is dry, glue the torn strips to the top of the page, overlapping them slightly. Cut your doiley in half and tuck it in under the second to last torn piece on the top left of your page. Chalk and emboss or paint your chipboard title ‘season of joy’ (I cut off the father Christmas and wreath) and glue it over the doiley.
Using the last remaining strip that you cut from the snow family paper, create pleats or as I did make little ‘bumps’ by folding the strip over a pencil then leave a small gap and making another bump with your pencil and keep repeating until your entire strip has bumps. Glue this strip to the bottom of the 27cm snowman piece (I also added a little bit of lace under the strip before I glued it down). Now glue down the circle to the page over all the strips and to the bottom right of the page (you will cover some of the stencilling but that’s ok)
Tuck your photo mat over the left side of the circle and slightly under the right side of the circle. Glue your flowers and embellishments (I used a red wooden heart and a Christmas tree ornament) to the bottom of the circle covering the bow.
Thread your buttons through the string, depending on the size of your buttons I used 7 buttons on the bottom of my page and 8 buttons on the top of my page. Arrange the string and buttons to flow across the top and bottom of your layout, I created little loops with the string between some of the buttons.

To finish off my page I went around the red cardstock with a white pen to give it a stitched look.         
Happy Christmas crafting everyone!

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