Friday, 27 July 2012

Thursday, 26 July 2012

So Spoilt!

There is nothing like seeing the 'real thing' for real for real!  

We always get such awesome pictures of projects, layouts etc done by our Design Team & of course from our wonderful FabScraps fans out there so yesterday, Bee unpacked her TWO suitcases filled with projects & layouts sent to CHA by our Design Team.

We were completely OVERWHELMED & SPEECHLESS because they are beyond STUNNING!

You are all so talented and I will never forget seeing on a blog:  'what I make with my hands, I give my heart' 

What we have is a true reflection of such a statement!

I haven't uploaded all the project/layout photos, this is just few to inspire your inner creativity!

Don't be shy to upload your pics to our Facebook page as 'sharing is caring' LOL

Wishing you a most creative day,
Love From FabScraps xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Time Out.....

Good Morning ;-)

Can you believe that it is Wednesday already! Time is going too fast and before we know it Christmas will be here LOL But lets not wish time a way and enjoy the moment of today!

We are still waiting to get a FULL update on how CHA Summer went but are getting report backs from all of you that it was FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us - WE LOVE IT!!!

I have managed to get some photos in the mean time and thinking that this was perhaps the calm before the storm....

Bee & Janine looking way toooooooo relaxed ;-)

Chat soon,
Love From FabScraps xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Bee & Janine arrived home late late last night so we still waiting for the much anticipated complete update on how it went at CHA Summer 2012!  We know that it was a success thanks to all who work in the FabScraps team and those who love & support us the way they do BUT we are wanting the low down of the show LOL

The other exciting news I can share with you is about......we are launching a online website shop called 'FabScraps Direct'...HOW EXCITING I HEAR YOU SHOUTING ;-)

Fabscraps are going into our 8th year of business and in the past 7 years there is the accumulation of discontinued products which has built up not only here but in the States due mainly to the quantities we had to buy in the early stages of building the company. 

We have been advised that in the USA most manufacturers offload old stock via their own website or under another name. 

So we have decided to open up an online store for all our discontinued and shop soiled products. Fabscraps Direct will be opening in August 2012. We will be selling stuff that you are all very familiar with ie our slogans, frames, single sided paper etc. 

Let us know what you think ~
Love from FabScraps xxx

Friday, 20 July 2012

CHA Summer 2012 ;-)

CHA Summer 2012 *done & dusted*!
What an awesome show! Thank you for your support 
& for popping in to say hello, Love From FabScraps xxx

This week's FabFriday video link:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ready For Action!

CHA Summer 2012, Chicago opened yesterday and we were 'Ready For Action'! 

This is the 4th time FabScraps is attending CHA and we love every minute of it...yes, even the chaos that comes with it and the stress of Customs not clearing our goods in time, WE LOVE CHA!

We have made (and are still making) such wonderful friends and relationships with the most awesome people who not only attend the show regularly but are so involved with the show (yes, Lauri we talking about you).  

Here's to another 2 great days at the show!  

Wish you were all there to celebrate with us,
Love From FabScraps xxx

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday 13th!

Pop in & say hello to Bee & Janine @ CHA Summer 2012 - BOOTH 1517

This week's FabFriday video link:

Today's fabulous project link:

for step by step instructions on how to make this Fabulous project



Wishing you an AWESOME weekend,
Love From FabScraps xxx

Monday, 9 July 2012

CHA Summer 2012!

And so the trip to CHA Summer 2012 begins!  Bee & Janine are at Durban International Airport waiting for the flight (one of many I might add) to take them to Chicago for CHA Summer 2012!

Keep in touch with us as we go on this fun filled (and lots of work) journey to see you all at CHA Summer 2012!  If you are attending CHA Summer 2012 be sure to pop in and say hello!

Love from FabScraps xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy FabFriday!

Crazy but exciting times ahead with CHA Summer just around the corner!   Bee & Janine are just about out the door to leave and of course there are lots of things to pack etc and the looking forward to catching up with the friends made since we started doing the show 2 years ago!

This week's FabFriday video link:

*****5000 Celebration Randomly Selected Names******

Don't forget to come say hello to Bee & Janine @ CHA / Booth 1517!
Love from FabScraps xxx