Wednesday, 29 June 2016


12x12 scrap page ‘Enjoy the Journey’

For this layout you will need:

Globe Trotter C87 001 x 1
Travelogue C87 008 x 1
Enjoy Your Journey Chipboard DC87 004
Stencil DS 054 C87 range
For flowers: In Transit C87 003 + enamel dots as centre
Other requirements:  clear matte gesso, white gesso, black gesso, texture paste, gouache paints, double-sided foam tape, glue


Your base page is Globe Trotter C87 001, using the luggage side.  To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).
To make the area around the photo faded so that the layers are easily visible and more effective, use a thin layer of white gesso. Let it dry (or use a dryer if you’re impatient like me).

Using the Stencil DS 054 C87 range and black gesso, make a stamp - try to aim for it to be 1/3 on the area where the paper cluster will be attached.

While the ‘stamp’ is drying, use green and purple gesso to create a ‘frame’ for the photo. It doesn’t matter that the black gesso is still wet, you can dry them together, once you have finished with sprinkling on your paint. You have to make a decision when you have enough paint on (it might be a good idea to dry it with a dryer every now and then and see what it looks like dry; then add more paint if necessary).

When you think you will only need a little bit of paint sprinkles on, stop and put it on the side to dry.

While the page with the wet mediums is drying, make your paper flowers. I make mine using Silhouette cut files and In Transit C87 003 paper. You can use any flowers you want.

With white gesso, prime the Enjoy Your Journey Chipboard DC87 004. Separate the phrase from the frame. Paint the phrase white and the frame purple. Set to the side to dry.

You will now make a paper cluster using Travelogue C87 008. All you need to remember is that the top layer needs to be a little bit bigger than the photo you are using; the remaining layers can be smaller as long as you assemble them in a way that makes them stick out from under one another. Use both sides of the paper to add colour and create the illusion of dimension.

Attach the paper cluster to the page, aim for it to cover 1/3 of the black ‘stamp’ and be in the centre of the sprinkled ‘frame’.

Using the Stencil DS 054 C87 range and texture paste, make a stamp - try to aim for it to be partly overlapping with the black ‘stamp’ and partly on the paper cluster. Add the final layer of gouache sprinkles. Let it dry.

STEP 10:
Using double-sided foam tape, attach the photo to the paper cluster. Then add the Enjoy Your Journey Chipboard DC87 004 and the flowers.


For This Project You Will Need:

·         FabScraps Shabby Rose Collection paper range : C85 001, 002, 007 & 008
·         FabScraps Chipboard Pieces : DC85 006
·         FabScraps Sticker Sheet ST85 002 (Wonderful)
·         Silhouette Cameo
·         Pink & White Cardstock
·         Tim Holtz Distress Ink Gathered Twigs
·         Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder Café au Lait
·         Flat Pearls & Rhinestones Pink, Pink Polka Dot Straws and Lace


Silhouette Cameo:
·         Cut the Ferris Wheel from sheets 001, 002, 007 & 008 as per the order you wish. Ink the edges of all the pieces with gathered twigs (except the pink cardstock pieces). Add Lace between the sheets of the wheels.
·         Cut the ‘cars’ and 2 scallop accents from pink cardstock.
·         Cut 2 large and 14 small bows from the remaining sheets. Fold and glue and add the flat pearls and rhinestones as per the picture.
·         Assemble accordingly.
Snip out the word (Sweet) from chipboard piece 006 and emboss with Café au Lait.

Place sticker 002 (Wonderful) onto white cardstock and then matt onto white and repeat using pink and white.

Arrange the rest of the embellishments as per the picture and glue!

All Done! 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


"HOME" Page Layout

For This Project You Will Need:

·         FabScraps Shabby Rose Collection paper range : C85 003 & 004
·         FabScraps Chipboard Pieces : DC85 006 & 008
·         FabScraps FAB Stencils DS 052
·         Silhouette Cameo
·         Creative Expression Dies Grand & Petite Vinery
·         Couture Creations Die Classic Leaf
·         Brown Cardstock
·         Corrugated Cardboard
·         Tim Holtz Distress Ink Ground Espresso
·         Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder Oak Leaf Olive
·         Ranger Embossing Powder Gilded Gold
·         Light Paste
·         Beige Acrylic Paint
·         Martha Stewart Light Gold & Citrine Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint
·         Metal Embellishments, Flowers, Flat Pearls and Trims


Silhouette Cameo:
Cut 2 flowers from sheets 003 & 004 to make paper roses.  Remember to cut 3 of each of the same size.  Mine are various sizes so you can choose how big or small you want yours to be.  Assemble the paper roses…you can follow this link on how to make the paper roses Ink the edges with ground espresso.

Trim the edges of sheet 003 slightly to fit the brown cardstock which will be used as the base.  Distress and ink the edges with ground espresso.

Mix light paste with beige and a little of the light and citrine gold paint using FAB Stencil 052 on the middle left side of sheet 003 and leave to dry.

Cut sheet 004 in half and distress the edges, make two deep tears on the sides as per the picture.  Keep the 2 torn pieces.  Ink the edges with ground espresso.

Place corrugated cardboard behind the torn sides of sheet 004 and adhere to sheet 003. Adhere the torn pieces so that you can see a little of the corrugate cardboard as per the picture.

Cut 2 leaves using the petite vinery die from sheet 004. Ink the edges with ground espresso.

Cut 2 leaves using the classic leaf die from sheet 004. Ink the edges with ground espresso.

Snip the word (Home) from chipboard piece 006 and emboss with oak leaf olive.

Emboss chipboard piece 008 with glided gold.

Use the frame from chipboard piece 008 and emboss with oak leaf olive. Place some corrugated cardboard behind.

Arrange the rest of the embellishments as per the picture and glue!

All Done! Ready to hang!

Monday, 27 June 2016



Paper: C88 005 Merry Weather
Chipboard: DC 88 009 Fairy in Moon
Ink: Tim Holtz mini
Stencil: DS 005 Floral Dreams Filigree Frame
Other: Cardstock, Ink, Alpha, flowers


STEP 1: start with a misc cardstock base 12x12”. Fold the paper diagonally from corner to corner. Use upper half of the print flowers and the bottom right is the polka dot pattern. Firmly glue down to the cardstock

STEP 2: Fussy cut lots of the accents from the print paper… the cute image section with flowers, small flowers and the bird with circular stamp section.  Ink the edges for depth and dimension.

STEP 3: Ink colour the chipboard accent… matching the paper colours.

STEP 4: Roughly determine your photo and accent placement. Things will flow through the central diagonal section.

STEP 5: With the rough placement of photo and accents determine where the floral stencil will best fit the background of your paper. I used Ink stamps with the finger sponge to add the stenciling.

STEP 6: When clustering the accents… leave some on level height while foam popping some up for more depth.

STEP 7: Using some additional accents add the butterfly and some additional florals along with the fussy cut paper ones.

STEP 8: in the open space add the alpha letters for you titling. I also added a few misc arrow accents also.


Requirements for this layout:
-2 sheets of Lattice Rose (C85007)
-1 sheet of Peeled Roses (C85001)
-1 sheet of Rose wood (C85 008)
-2 sheets of brown cardstock
-1 sheet of off white cardstock
-1 sheet of pink cardstock
- Chipboard pieces:DC85011, DC85010, Life is good title
-Sticker sheet ST85001
Lace, ribbon, flat back pearls, brads, cheesecloth/gauze.
Distressing tool, brown chalk/ink, white gesso, stencil of choice (I used Fabscraps DS 026) brown and light pink paint.


Tear 2 fairly large strips from one of the Lattice Rose papers, mine measure roughly 10cm and 13cm,  I just started tearing from the top of the paper and then tear down at an angle to the bottom of the paper.

Tear strips from the Peeled Roses sheet, You will need 3 strips and they don’t need to be too wide.

Tear 2 stips from the Rose wood paper, being careful not to tear the hinges on the paper, cut out the 4 hinges from the paper before you start tearing. Again you don’t need very thick strips of this paper.
The brown cardstocks will be your background sheets.

STEP 4: The left page of layout-
Working from right to left, start arranging your torn strips of paper on the right side of the cardstock, your 13cm Lattice rose paper should be on the ‘top’ and then layer a strip from each of your other patterned papers under it, you can add lace and gauze between the layers too. Remember to chalk and distress each piece before you glue them down. I curled some of my edges up so don’t put glue on the edges of the strips.

Then tear smaller pieces from your left over patterned papers and glue these to the bottom left of your page.

Position your stencil over your torn strips and then go over the stencil with white gesso. Leave to dry.

Cut your photo mats, I have 1 – 10x15cm and 2- 7.5x10cm photo mats. Chalk and distress them.

Cut out a tag from the peeled roses paper measuring 14x6cm, chalk and distress. I added another strip of paper (2.5x14cm) from the rose wood paper to the center of my tag with a little bit of lace behind it.

I then painted my chipboard title with brown paint and embossed it with pink embossing powder, if you don’t want to emboss it dry brushing it with pink paint will give it a similar effect.

I stuck the large heart from the sticker sheet onto a piece of white cardstock and cut it out.

STEP 10:
Glue down your title to the middle of the tag and add the heart behind the title. Add some ribbons to the tag.

STEP 11:
Paint the chipboard floral piece, with brown paint and dry brush with a bit of pink, add a few flat back pearls. Glue it to the top right of your page. Once the gesso is dry add your tag and photo mats to the layout.

STEP 12:
Cut out some of the rose clusters from your second sheet of lattice rose paper, add some of these cut outs under your torn strips, to your tag and even behind your photo mats.

STEP 13:
Add two of the hinges you cut out to the large photo mat, I added silver brads to my hinges. Add a few flat back pearls to the layout, then distress the edges of the brown cardstock, I used a white pen to draw stitching around the edges of the page.

STEP 14: Right page of the layout-
Arrange your torn strips from the left side of the brown cardstock, again your lattice rose piece on top and the other strips behind it, add lace and gauze as desired. Distress and chalk before sticking your strips down.

STEP 15:
Add a few more torn strips to the right side of the page.

STEP 16:
Then repeat the stencil and gesso pattern over the torn pieces as you did previously. Cut a tag from a leftover piece of the rose wood paper (mine measures 6x12cm) chalk and distress the tag and add some ribbons.

STEP 17:
Cut your photo mats, mine are the same as the previous page.

STEP 18:
Cut out the small heart from the sticker sheet and glue it onto white cardstock.
Remove the small floral frame from the chipboard set (DC85010), paint it brown and drybrush it with pink. Again cut out more rose clusters.

STEP 19:
Add your photo mats to the layout, remembering  to  glue the tag behind one of your small photo mats. Add the hinges to your large photo mat and then add the chipboard piece to the bottom right of your page.

STEP 20:
Add the rose clusters between the papers, on the chipboard frame and behind your photo mats.

STEP 21:
Add some flat back pearls here and there. Distress the edges of the brown cardstock and add your pen stitches.

I hope you have fun creating this layout.




Photos:  1 x 4 x 6” portrait – matt with Pink cardstock and gray cardstock, distress photo around the edges of all photos. Smaller photo 1 x 4”x 4” (10cm x 10cm), 1 x 5 x 7(13 x 18cm)

Paper: 2 x  (C 88 001) pattern sheet- background – pink dot side up, stick the MELODY 088 002 across the two pages, 3” (7.5cm) from the left and ½ inch from the top and bottom.
Cut a sheet of grey cardstock 8.5” x 6.5” and matt with pink cardstock.

Embellishments: Title chipboard (DC88 003), chipboard filigree (DC88 009) (DC88 010)(DC088 012) – Paint white and add gold or silver glitter, the wings you can add liquid pearls for colour 

Extras: White paper flowers , fussy cut FLUTTERSHINE C88 001 and MELODY C88 002 as shown on the photo, raise with 3D tape to create dimension.

Matting:  When matting add ¼” extra on each colour you matt with ie: photo size 4 x 6 (10 x 15 cm) – matting 4 ¼ x 6 ¼”(10.5 x15.5 cm) and so on.

Tip:   I always join my background paper at the middle so it’s easier to work across both of them.

Cutting instructions:

             Colour                                        Size

1.      Fluttershine C88 001    2 x sheets background
2.      Melody C 88 002           2 X sheets , 1 x fussy cutting , 1 x 11’ x 11.5 “(28cm x 28.5cm)
3.      Grey cardstock              ¼ matting on the pink
4.      Pink cardstock               ¼ matting on the photos

Right page:
             Colour                                        Size

1.      Cut after page is done


Left / Right pages

1.      Use FLUTTERSHINE C88 001 as the background
2.      Stick down the MELODY C88 002 and overlay the fussy cutting on top of the fairy and flowers.
3.      Stick down the grey on pink cardstock at an angle and add the 5” x 7” photo matt on top.
4.      Paint all chipboard white and add glitter.
5.      All the fussy cut pieces must be raised with 3D tape.
6.      Raise flowers on 3D foam to add dimension.
7.      Add dimensional glaze on the frame ,fairy wings, butterflies.
8.      Use the DS056 stencil , I used embossing paste – the large and small on the left and another small one on the right top corner.
9.      Cut the DC088 012 , keeping only the two ends and slip under the paper on the left.

My layout would be idea for a frame as a special gift to hang on your wall.
IG scrapwitht




Photos:  2 x 4 x 6” portrait – matt with Grey cardstock and then green cardstock, Smaller photo 2 x 3” x 3”  (7.5cm x 7.5cm), 1 x 4” x 4.5”(10 x 10.5cm) matt as shown.

Paper: Background paper- join two sheets of the IN TRANSIT C87 003 on the map side.
Add the IN TRANSIT C87 003 one full sheet , 11” x 11” (28cm x 28cm) , 6” from the left. The second sheet fold the GLOBE TROTTER C87 001 in a triangle point to point and fold back the corner.

Embellishments: Title chipboard GOODTIMES DC87 002 and DC87 006 paint with silver metallic paint, use the DC87 012 die cut compass and paint in silver metallic

Matting:  When matting add ¼” extra on each colour you matt with ie: photo size 4 x 6 (10 x 15 cm) – matting 4 ¼ x 6 ¼”(10.5 x15.5 cm) and so on.

I always join my background paper at the middle so it’s easier to work across both of them.

Cutting instructions:

             Colour                                        Size

1.      IN TRANSIT C87 003                2 x sheets background(MAP SIDE)
2.      IN TRANSIT C87 003                1 X sheet  11” x 11” (28cm x 28cm)
3.      GLOBE TROTTER C87 001       1 X sheet folded in a triangle and fold back corner.
4.      Grey cardstock                         ¼ matting
5.      Green cardstock                       ¼ matting on the photos
6.       JOURNEY C87 002                   Add a square to fit under your fold back

Right page:
             Colour                                        Size

1.      JOURNEY C87 002             4 X strips , 2x one side , 2 x backside 11.5” x 1.5”(29cm x 4xm)


Left / Right pages

1.      Use a packet of the CARDERS PACK MC87 001A – embellish as per photo.
2.      I used the DS053 stencil which I traced with a pen and used a distress crayon for added colour and dimension.
3.      I used the DS054 stencil with silver embossing paste for added texture .
4.      Embellish as per photo – charms ,clear pebbles.

My layout would be ideal for a trip as a I have added an additional mini album on the top right corner with the paper from the CARDERS PACK MC87 001A, this was embellished with FabScraps charms , stencils and pieces from the CARDERS PACK MC87 001A – I used the planes and the globe.
IG scrapwithit

Friday, 24 June 2016


For this layout you will need:

Botanical Bliss C86 002 x 1
Berry Bliss C86 008 x 1
Butterfly Script C86 006 x 1
Wreath and A Beautiful Day Chipboard
Stencil DS051 C86 range
Brown satin ribbon
Other requirements:  Lindys Stamp Gang Sprays and Embossing Powder, metal flowers, old doily or lace, gauze, muslin, flowers and leaves, Texture Paste and Distress Ink. 


Your base page is Botanical Bliss from the C86 002, using the script side.  If you are like me, a sewer, you will like to conserve as much paper as you can so cut out the centre of the page leaving a 6cm border all the way around.  You will be left with a “frame” and will have the piece from the centre for other projects.
Then take a piece of cardstock of your choice of colour and cut 2 strips from top and side of 4cm, leaving you with a square piece of cardstock of 26cm x 26cm.  Distress the edges, curling up the paper in different places.  To distress I usually use the outside blade of scissors to scuff my page, even though I have a whole lot of fancy distressers!  Glue this cardstock down on top of your base paper. 

From Berry Bliss C86 008, berry and leaves side, cut two strips of paper from top and side of 3cm.  You will then have a square piece of paper measuring 24cm x 24cm. Distress edges of this paper too.  Tuck lace under and between the Berry Bliss and the brown cardstock.

From Butterfly Script C86 006, butterfly side, cut a strip of 8.5cm from top of this paper.  Then cut this strip in half, you will have 2 rectangles of 8.5cm x 15cm. Glue one down in the top left hand corner 2.5cm from top and side edge. Keep the other piece for step 5.

Using the strip of paper, you cut from the Berry paper cut it slightly longer than the Berry base.  Glue this strip 6cm from top of base right the way across, it will protrude about .5cm on right hand side.

Then use the remainder of the strip of paper measuring 8.5cm x 15cm from step 3, 7cm from top left corner and 2.5cm from side of Berry Bliss base.

Cut a rectangle from the strip of Berry Bliss paper you have left over from step 2, of 10cm.  The piece will then measure 10cm x 6cm.  Glue this down 10cm from top and 4cm from left hand side.  Using the remainder of this strip cut to 16cm x 6cm, and glue down 15cm from top left and 9cm from left-hand side.

      STEP 7:
Then cover entire page with Clear Gesso.  (This is to prime the paper so that your ink and other mediums you use do not just sink into the porous paper.  This also makes your inks to go further.)  Dry well.

      STEP 8:
Using Texture Paste, and using stencil DS051 from C86 range, stencil on your pattern as per photo, or as you wish.  Whilst the texture paste is still wet sprinkle Distress Embossing Powder Vintage Photo on top.  Heat with heat gun.  This embossing powder creates the ‘rusty’ look.  Spray with LSG ‘Clam Bake Beige’, and dry.

      STEP 9:
Using the smallest of the wreath chipboards emboss with Lindy’s Stamp Gang colours Byzantine Bronze and Scotch Broom Yellow.  Cut the wreath just above the leaves of the smaller of the two sprays and above the sprig of leaves as per photo.  Reserve the 3rd spray.

      STEP 10:
Tear a piece of the script paper from step 1, if you have reserved the centre.  If not cut from a fresh piece of paper or co-ordinating paper a strip measuring 17cm x 5.5cm.  Ink edges of this piece with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Tape a piece of brown satin ribbon from the collection under the torn edge.

     STEP 11:
Tear 2 pieces’ text paper from an old book about 7cm x 5cm. 

      STEP 12:
Fussy cut butterflies from Butterfly Script paper as you like.  I downloaded digital sheets of butterflies for the smaller ones from the internet, which matched the paper exactly.

      STEP 13:
Now let’s assemble all these pieces plus a few extras as per photo.

      STEP 14:
Glue down lace or a piece of an old torn doily and gauze using Gel Medium.

      STEP 15:
Place your embellishments as per photo.
      STEP 16:
Cut a piece of cardboard or use foam board to elevate your photo, before you glue the photo down lay a bit of muslin on top of the board ruche it up, then stick photo on top of it.  Glue butterflies in position.
      STEP 17:
Cover your photo and spray LSG Cotton Candy in a few places of your layout as per photo, or as desired. 

STEP 18:
Lastly lightly gesso the Chipboard “A Beautiful Day” and glue down on left bottom of the photo.