Thursday, 27 August 2015

C75 TRANQUILITY COLLECTION | Tutorial by Ada Nicholls


Front page

Front page front/back: Use the chipboard page and cover it using a pattern sheet. Use craft knife to cut out the detail of the chipboard. Add embellishments such as flowers, ribbon and a resin angel.

 First page front.
Use any pattern sheet and cover the chipboard page. Use plain turquoise cardstock and cut a 4” diameter circle. Stick on the pattern (see picture) add a journal die cut.

First page back.

Cover the chipboard using a dark turquoise cardstock. Use an pattern paper and cut a piece 6 ¼ x 5 ¼”.
Use a border punch and punch at random on the page. Stick on the chipboard at an angle.  Use 2 plain colours I used grey and turquoise. Cut each piece to 4 ¼” square and stick on the  pattern at an angle. Add a photo on the cardstock. Embellish by adding journal cards, flowers and ribbon.

Second page front:

Cover the chipboard page using a pattern sheet. Matt 3 x 2 x 2” photos on plain turquoise cardstock. Stick on the page. Use chipboard flower flourish and cover. Add embellishments.

Second page back:

Cover the chipboard page using plain cardstock. Use the mask and white texture paste and mask the motif on the page. Add embellishments.

 Back page front

Cove the chipboard page using a plain cardstock.  Use any pattern sheet and cut a piece 5 ½ x 4 ½”. Stick on the page. Use a fold over envelope and add on the pattern sheet. Matt a 3 x 4” photo on turquoise and then on grey. Stick in the folded envelope and add ribbon. Make flags for the bottom. Mask the butterfly as explained before.
Add flowers.

Back page back. 

Asemble the booklet by adding rings. Add ribbon on the rings.

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