Tuesday, 24 January 2017

C91 Calls from the Wild Collection


By Ewelina Gryglak

For this layout you will need:

Protected paper C91 005
Conservation paper C91 002
Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008
Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012
Stencil DS 061 C91 range

Other products: clear matte gesso, texture paste, lace ribbon, white water-based paint, colour co-ordinating gouache paint (amber), white acrylic ink, texture stamps and black archival ink, double-sided tape, glue


Paint the Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008 with white acrylic ink; once dry, watercolour with amber gouache paint.

Your base page is Protected paper C91 005, the rhino side up. To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).

Once dry, draw a frame around the page using black Sharpie.
Add the stamp designs around the centre area where your focus will be.

Run the texture paste through the Stencil DS 061 C91 range – the hooves design only – do it across the page in 5-6 rows of various length. The stencil doesn’t need to be perfectly filled with the paste as it’s to create the impression of real hoof-prints.

While the ‘stamp’ is drying, spray the white paint to add colour and texture around the stencilled design and where your photo will be attached. Gradually add watered-down amber gouache paint to create layers of colour. Leave to dry.

Cut the Conservation paper C91 002 into strips of various length and width. You will use both sides of them when building the paper cluster. In black pen, draw frames on some of them. With a circle paper punch, punch circle designs in some of the strips.
Assemble into a paper cluster and staple the layers together.

Attach the paper cluster to the page.
Glue the bigger Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012 in between the layers.

Attach the photo on top of the paper cluster.
Glue the smaller Chipboard die-cut BAOBAB DC91 012 on the corner of the photo.

Attach the earlier prepared Chipboard die-cut AFRICA DC91 008 on the side of the photo and on top of the horizontal paper strips from the cluster.

Good job!

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