Friday, 27 January 2017

C91 Call from the Wild Collection
by Kim Herbst

 What you will need:

C91 007 endangered paper.
White premade card blank
Homemade flower – creamy colour
3 Small left over pieces of chipboard, (or you can use a swirl type chipboard)
Broad piece of green ribbon
Narrow cream ribbon
Wet wipe. Let it dry out.
Ink sprays


Taking your gauze and dry wet wipe. Spray it with different green sprays. Don’t let colours mix or it will go murky. Once dry you ready to go.
Now you ready to start layering.
Cut your paper to fit card size. Ink edges if desired. Then the green ribbon on the bottom edge.
At the top right, add the gauze then the 2x left over chipboard pieces with the flower on top. Cut the wipe about 1 ½” on the long side. Add this op top of the green ribbon, pleating as you glue.
Add the creamy ribbon and the last chipboard piece


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