Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mother Earth Card – by Jeanine de Bruyn
C86 Mother Earth collection 


                              1 sheet of Berry bliss C86 008
                              White, black and red cardstock
                               Die cut vine or leaves
                              Small doiley, flowers and flat back pearls


From the Berry Bliss paper cut a piece measuring 8x13cm and another piece measuring 5 x 16cm.

From the white cardstock cut it down to 19 x 17.5cm, this will be the base of your card. From the black cardstock cut a piece 15 x16cm and scallop both of the 16cm sides. From the red cardstock cut a piece 5x17cm and cut one of the ends into a banner shape. Cut another piece from the red cardstock measuring 16x4cm. Glue the black cardstock to the card wrapping it around the front and back of the card. Next Glue the red banner piece down the middle of the front of the card. Add the 8x13cm Berry bliss piece to the centre of the black cardstock covering most of the red banner piece.

Glue your small doiley to the centre of the card and add your vine/leaf pieces over it.
Cut both ends of the 5 x 16cm Berry bliss piece to resemble a banner, glue it to the middle of the card over the doiley and leaves and wrapping around the front and back of the card (the same as your black cardstock).
Add the last red cardstock piece (16 x 4cm) to the back of your card under the black cardstock.

Glue your flowers (I made a rose from the patterned paper and added it over my other flowers) to the middle of your 5x16cm banner piece and add a few more leaves if necessary. Add some flat back pearls to the top and bottom of your red banner piece and chalk the edges of the card.

To finish of the card I went around the edges of all my paper pieces with a black pen to outline each piece.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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