Monday, 3 October 2016

C90 Christmas Snow Collection
‘Christmas Decorations’
by Ewelina Gryglak

For this layout you will need:

Elves Home paper C90 004
Carder’s Pack MC90 001A
Chipboard die-cut BELLS DC90 010
Stencil DS 060 C90 range
Other products:  clear matte gesso, white gesso, texture paste, golden mica powder, red glitter and white acrylic ink, red and white pine cone embellishments, double-sided tape, stapler, glue

1.    On Silhouette, out of papers from the Carder’s Pack MC90 001A cut mistletoe branches to use as embellishments.
2.   From the Chipboard die-cut BELLS DC90 010, cut one set of bells out.  Prime with white gesso, then paint the ribbon with red glitter ink and sprinkle golden mica powder on the bells.

Your base page is Elves Home paper C90 004 – the white wood side.. To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).

Mix texture paste with a generous amount of golden mica powder. Run it through the Stencil DS 060 C90 range – it will create the base for the paper cluster and your photo. Once the stencil is almost dry, brush the mica powder all over the design – it will make it sparkly. The powder will stick to the paste as it dries completely.

Sprinkle red glitter ink and white ink all over the stencil deign. Leave to dry.

Out of the Carder’s Pack MC90 001A, choose two papers and cut them in stripes; build paper cluster to use as a frame for your photo. Staple elements together.

Using double-sided tape, attach the paper cluster and photo to the page.

Add mistletoe embellishments, chipboard and pinecones.

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