Tuesday, 4 October 2016

C87 Journey in Time Collection
"Happy Travels" Layout
by Kim Herbst


C87 001
C87 003
C87 004
C87 005
C87 007
Wet wipes
Modeling paste
C87 Stencil Ds 053
Ink sprays
Stamps of your choice
Chipboard pieces
Postage stickers
3 small tags
Name plate
Washi tape
Chipboard for travel range
Cotton twine
Embossing powder platinum


Join the C87 003 and 004 in the middle so that you can work with it as one piece. Tear the C87005 and C87 007 into strips about 3”wide.  Glue them onto the background paper. Add ribbon. You looking for a collage effect. Add a thin coat of gesso over layout, use wet wipes to wipe back if the gesso is too thick. You still want to see the background. Stencil with modeling paste next. Once dry, spray with ink. Allow this to dry completely. Stamp on your layout to enhance the project

Ink, emboss, spray and decorate your small tags and chipboard with their frames pieces. Add some postage stickers, cotton twine, feathers bling washi tape and ribbon to your pieces. 

With the C87 001 cut the following sizes.  One 7” X 8”, one 5 ½” X4 ½”, one 5 ½” X 3”, one 3 X 4 ¼”.
Left page

Place the 7” X 8” on the left of page.  Cut the larger chipboard frame so that it fit behind. Use the cut off just inside the first frame.  Add two tags larger chipboard to the left. Place the charm chipboard dial and title to the bottom left add flowers and bling.

Right page

Place the 5 ½ “X 3” to the right of the page adding the tag, name plate doily and flowers. On the bottom right place the 5 ½” X 4 ½” with cotton twine wrapped around the bottom part. Place the two small chipboards to the right. Just above the add the final piece with chipboard, feather, bling and flowers

That’s all folks

Your done

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