Monday, 17 October 2016

Christmas Card – by Jeanine de Bruyn
C90 Christmas Snow Collection

Requirements – 1 sheet Santas Wreath C90 008
                             1 sheet Snow Family C90 001
                             Red Cardstock
                             A straw
                             White and Silver Ribbons

Directions – Cut your red Cardstock to measure 29 x 14cm and scallop all of the edges. From the Santa’s Wreath paper (I used the back of the paper) cut a piece 12x18cm and from the Snow Family paper cut one of the Happy Holidays strips. Fold the red cardstock in half this will be the base of your card. Glue the 12x18cm piece to the card overlapping onto the back of the card.

Glue the Happy Holidays strip to the top of the card. From the Snow Family paper cut out two of the father Christmas wreaths and from the same paper cut out some squares to make presents for under the tree.

Cut your straw to about 9cm, tie the white and silver ribbons to the straw alternating the colours and sizes of the ribbons. Cut the ribbons to resemble a tree shape. I add small silver ‘bling’ to decorate the tree.

Glue the tree to the middle of the card slightly more to the top of the card as you will need to leave place for the presents at the bottom of the card.
Add one of the Santa wreaths you cut out to the top of the tree and the other to the back of the card in the middle of the overlapping paper.

Glue one of the presents to the bottom of the tree (to cover the bottom of the straw) using a little bit of foam tape to lift it. Glue the rest of the presents to the bottom of the card, add some ribbon and strips of paper to decorate the presents. To finish off the card I went around the scallops of the card with a white pen.

Happy Holiday crafting everyone!

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