Monday, 29 August 2016

Mixed media layout using C86 Mother Earth Collection
by Kavi Tha

Supply list:

Fab  scraps Mother Earth  collection – C86-001,005,006
C86 collection stencils- DS 052
Other supplies:White gesso,texture paste,oil pastels,paper doily and metal embellishment ,Art glitters.


1.  Keeping C86-005 paper as the base,take the 001 paper floral bulb for 8 inches distress the edges          and glue it over 005 paper.

2. Tear other papers(001,005,006) into strips(2”,3” in size).Use these paper strips(use both the sides)        to build the layout as desired.

3. Give a coat of white gesso over the paper layers where we are going to color.

4. Apply texture paste with stencil DS 052 on both the sides of the arrangement

5. Color the area around the arrange with oil patels,just scribble a little and mix it with brush and             water.

6. Make some splashes with brown ink

7. Add some  art glitters with gel medium randomly

8. Over the paper layers,place some gauze cloth and paper doily and finally paste the picture.

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