Tuesday, 30 August 2016

C87 Journey in Time Collection 
Bon Voyage Layout by Dana Tatar

For this layout you will need:

Journey in Time Card Kit (MC87 001)
Journey In Time In Transit (C87 003)
Journey In Time Postage Stamp + Numbers Stencil (DS 054)
Journey In Time Bon Voyage Chipboard (DC87 005)
Watercolor Pencils
Dye Ink (Maroon, Brown)


1. Outline the bodies of water on the In Transit patterned paper with a blue watercolor pencil. Blend the color with a wet paintbrush.

2. Lay the Postage Stamp + Numbers Stencil over the center of the In Transit patterned paper. Apply maroon dye ink over the stencil.

3. Tear the 6x6 Journey patterned paper (Journey In Time Card Kit) in half. Apply brown dye ink to the edges of the papers. Attach the torn papers to the top left and bottom right corners of the In Transit patterned paper.

4. Cut small images from the 6x6 Globe Trotter and 6x6 In Transit patterned papers (Journey In Time Card Kit). Create an embellishment spot in the lower right-hand corner of the page by layering several of the cut images (camera, sunglasses, passport, suitcases, luggage tag, and tickets).

5. Add photos to the top left-hand corner of the page. Place a cut image of stacked suitcases (Step 4) over the bottom left corner of the photo.

6. Add a heart frame and globe die-cut (Journey In Time Card Kit) behind the photo, patterned side down.

7. Add an airplane die-cut (Journey In Time Card Kit), patterned side down, to the center of the layout.

8. Color the Bon Voyage Chipboard with brown dye ink. Apply a layer of glaze and let dry. Glue the chipboard title to the bottom right-hand side of the layout.

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