Wednesday, 10 August 2016

C86 Mother Earth Collection -
Watering Can -
by Bev Code


Supply List:
Paper: C86 Mother Nature Collection
Template: Watering Can pattern from Pinterest
Accents: Flowers. lace, beads, leaves, ribbon


STEP #1: Creating projects that come with a free template are awesome. They take a bit of time to assemble and then decorate but look so fabulous when done. This watering can started with the template below. I actually printed the pattern direct on the print paper that I sized to 8.5" x11".

STEP #2: Be sure to print on the wrong side.

STEP #3: Hand cut the pieces apart. 

STEP #4: Assemble the pieces gluing firmly and let it dry.

 STEP #5:  Now is the decorating the watering can. This is the fun part. Grab lots of your stash accents and decorate to your taste... add a little or a lot.... isn't it adorable. Here are the views of my project from all sides for you to see.

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