Thursday, 24 November 2016

C89 Sweet Baby Collection
* 12x12 Scrap Page *
‘Born To Sparkle’
by Ewelina Gryglak

For this layout you will need:

Vintage Prams paper C89 004
Playtime paper C89 003
Chipboard die-cut BORN TO SPARKLE DC89 006
Stencil DS 058 C89 range
Cardstock: Blush Rough CC 022 and Denim Weave CC 020
Other requirements:  clear matte gesso, texture paste, lace ribbon, colour co-ordinating gouache paint (pink and teal), white acrylic ink, pink mica flakes, golden glitter, paper straws, double-sided tape, glue


From Playtime paper C89 003 cut out individual baby girl characters to use as embellishments later on.

Your base page is Vintage Prams paper C89 004, the spotty side up. To make sure the wet mediums don’t soak through the page, prime it with a layer of clear matte gesso (that will make it waterproof but will not fade out the original paper design).

Mix texture paste with pink mica flakes and a small amount of pink gouache paint. Run the mix through the Stencil DS 058 C89 range – the dog with a bow design only – in two opposite corners of the page.

While the ‘stamp’ is drying, sprinkle the pink and teal gouache paints to add colour and texture around the stencilled design and where your photo will be attached.

From the Blush Rough CC 022 and Denim Weave CC 020 cardstock, cut out a layered frame for the photo (pink one slightly bigger than the photo; blue slightly bigger than the pink one) and attach them together using double-sided tape.

Paint the Chipboard die-cut BORN TO SPARKLE DC89 006 using white acrylic ink. Once dry, cut it out of the frame. To create the dipped effect, paint the lower half again and while still wet, sprinkle with golden glitter. Put aside to dry.

Staple a strip of lace to the bottom of the page.

Using double-sided tape attach the photo, the earlier prepared cut out embellishments and the chipboard to the page.

Randomly dab some glue around the page and sprinkle with golden glitter.

To finish, attach two paper straws to the side of the paper cluster/photo frame.

Good job!

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