Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Baby shoes mini album – by Jeanine de Bruyn
A mini album created C89 Sweet baby Collection

1 sheet of Boys Playtime C89 007
1 sheet of Plane around C89 005
1 sheet of Stop and Go C89 008
Carders Pack MC89 001A
1 sheet of blue cardstock for the pages of the album
3 different cardstocks for embellishing and matting
Chipboard DC89 012
Chipboard DC 89 013
1 pair of baby shoes


It is difficult to give you accurate measurements as each album will vary depending on the size of the shoes you use. I will give you the basic directions and the measurement that I used so you can adapt them to make your own album.

The shoes that I used were a baby size 4 and measured roughly 13.5x6.5cm.
I cut my blue cardstock into 2 pieces measuring 13cm x 30.5cm, so slightly smaller than the length of the shoe. I scored the 13cm pieces at 6cm intervals leaving a 0.5cm gap between each score line, again slightly smaller than the width of the shoe. I then glued my two strips together, I only used 4 pages from each of the pieces and cut off the excess cardstock before I glued them together, but again the number of pages will vary depending on the size of the shoe.

From my patterned paper I cut pieces measuring 5.8x12.8cm again just slightly smaller than the base pages. I cut 12 pieces (yours will depend on how many base pages you have front and back).
Glue your patterned paper pieces down and embellish as desired, I cut out some of the images from the papers in the Carders pack as these images were smaller than the ones on the patterned paper and thus fitted into the album well. The ‘pages’ in the album are very small so you can not do a lot of embellishing I used lace, buttons, ribbon, cord and strips of paper to embellish my album. I only decorated the front of the album and just covered the back pages of the album with my patterned paper as I intend to have photos covering the entire page. Where as on the front of the album I intend to use small photos so I could embellish it a bit.

Once your album is embellished to your satisfaction glue the front page to the back of one of the shoes and the back page to the back of the other shoe, making sure both of your shoes ‘face’ the same way.

To embellish the shoes I cut out 2 of the images from the patterned paper and glued them to the corresponding chipboard pieces and then glued them to the shoes. I also added little Teddy bears inside each of the shoes.

Happy crafting everyone!

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