Friday, 24 June 2016


For this layout you will need:

Botanical Bliss C86 002 x 1
Berry Bliss C86 008 x 1
Butterfly Script C86 006 x 1
Wreath and A Beautiful Day Chipboard
Stencil DS051 C86 range
Brown satin ribbon
Other requirements:  Lindys Stamp Gang Sprays and Embossing Powder, metal flowers, old doily or lace, gauze, muslin, flowers and leaves, Texture Paste and Distress Ink. 


Your base page is Botanical Bliss from the C86 002, using the script side.  If you are like me, a sewer, you will like to conserve as much paper as you can so cut out the centre of the page leaving a 6cm border all the way around.  You will be left with a “frame” and will have the piece from the centre for other projects.
Then take a piece of cardstock of your choice of colour and cut 2 strips from top and side of 4cm, leaving you with a square piece of cardstock of 26cm x 26cm.  Distress the edges, curling up the paper in different places.  To distress I usually use the outside blade of scissors to scuff my page, even though I have a whole lot of fancy distressers!  Glue this cardstock down on top of your base paper. 

From Berry Bliss C86 008, berry and leaves side, cut two strips of paper from top and side of 3cm.  You will then have a square piece of paper measuring 24cm x 24cm. Distress edges of this paper too.  Tuck lace under and between the Berry Bliss and the brown cardstock.

From Butterfly Script C86 006, butterfly side, cut a strip of 8.5cm from top of this paper.  Then cut this strip in half, you will have 2 rectangles of 8.5cm x 15cm. Glue one down in the top left hand corner 2.5cm from top and side edge. Keep the other piece for step 5.

Using the strip of paper, you cut from the Berry paper cut it slightly longer than the Berry base.  Glue this strip 6cm from top of base right the way across, it will protrude about .5cm on right hand side.

Then use the remainder of the strip of paper measuring 8.5cm x 15cm from step 3, 7cm from top left corner and 2.5cm from side of Berry Bliss base.

Cut a rectangle from the strip of Berry Bliss paper you have left over from step 2, of 10cm.  The piece will then measure 10cm x 6cm.  Glue this down 10cm from top and 4cm from left hand side.  Using the remainder of this strip cut to 16cm x 6cm, and glue down 15cm from top left and 9cm from left-hand side.

      STEP 7:
Then cover entire page with Clear Gesso.  (This is to prime the paper so that your ink and other mediums you use do not just sink into the porous paper.  This also makes your inks to go further.)  Dry well.

      STEP 8:
Using Texture Paste, and using stencil DS051 from C86 range, stencil on your pattern as per photo, or as you wish.  Whilst the texture paste is still wet sprinkle Distress Embossing Powder Vintage Photo on top.  Heat with heat gun.  This embossing powder creates the ‘rusty’ look.  Spray with LSG ‘Clam Bake Beige’, and dry.

      STEP 9:
Using the smallest of the wreath chipboards emboss with Lindy’s Stamp Gang colours Byzantine Bronze and Scotch Broom Yellow.  Cut the wreath just above the leaves of the smaller of the two sprays and above the sprig of leaves as per photo.  Reserve the 3rd spray.

      STEP 10:
Tear a piece of the script paper from step 1, if you have reserved the centre.  If not cut from a fresh piece of paper or co-ordinating paper a strip measuring 17cm x 5.5cm.  Ink edges of this piece with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Tape a piece of brown satin ribbon from the collection under the torn edge.

     STEP 11:
Tear 2 pieces’ text paper from an old book about 7cm x 5cm. 

      STEP 12:
Fussy cut butterflies from Butterfly Script paper as you like.  I downloaded digital sheets of butterflies for the smaller ones from the internet, which matched the paper exactly.

      STEP 13:
Now let’s assemble all these pieces plus a few extras as per photo.

      STEP 14:
Glue down lace or a piece of an old torn doily and gauze using Gel Medium.

      STEP 15:
Place your embellishments as per photo.
      STEP 16:
Cut a piece of cardboard or use foam board to elevate your photo, before you glue the photo down lay a bit of muslin on top of the board ruche it up, then stick photo on top of it.  Glue butterflies in position.
      STEP 17:
Cover your photo and spray LSG Cotton Candy in a few places of your layout as per photo, or as desired. 

STEP 18:
Lastly lightly gesso the Chipboard “A Beautiful Day” and glue down on left bottom of the photo. 

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