Monday, 27 June 2016


Requirements for this layout:
-2 sheets of Lattice Rose (C85007)
-1 sheet of Peeled Roses (C85001)
-1 sheet of Rose wood (C85 008)
-2 sheets of brown cardstock
-1 sheet of off white cardstock
-1 sheet of pink cardstock
- Chipboard pieces:DC85011, DC85010, Life is good title
-Sticker sheet ST85001
Lace, ribbon, flat back pearls, brads, cheesecloth/gauze.
Distressing tool, brown chalk/ink, white gesso, stencil of choice (I used Fabscraps DS 026) brown and light pink paint.


Tear 2 fairly large strips from one of the Lattice Rose papers, mine measure roughly 10cm and 13cm,  I just started tearing from the top of the paper and then tear down at an angle to the bottom of the paper.

Tear strips from the Peeled Roses sheet, You will need 3 strips and they don’t need to be too wide.

Tear 2 stips from the Rose wood paper, being careful not to tear the hinges on the paper, cut out the 4 hinges from the paper before you start tearing. Again you don’t need very thick strips of this paper.
The brown cardstocks will be your background sheets.

STEP 4: The left page of layout-
Working from right to left, start arranging your torn strips of paper on the right side of the cardstock, your 13cm Lattice rose paper should be on the ‘top’ and then layer a strip from each of your other patterned papers under it, you can add lace and gauze between the layers too. Remember to chalk and distress each piece before you glue them down. I curled some of my edges up so don’t put glue on the edges of the strips.

Then tear smaller pieces from your left over patterned papers and glue these to the bottom left of your page.

Position your stencil over your torn strips and then go over the stencil with white gesso. Leave to dry.

Cut your photo mats, I have 1 – 10x15cm and 2- 7.5x10cm photo mats. Chalk and distress them.

Cut out a tag from the peeled roses paper measuring 14x6cm, chalk and distress. I added another strip of paper (2.5x14cm) from the rose wood paper to the center of my tag with a little bit of lace behind it.

I then painted my chipboard title with brown paint and embossed it with pink embossing powder, if you don’t want to emboss it dry brushing it with pink paint will give it a similar effect.

I stuck the large heart from the sticker sheet onto a piece of white cardstock and cut it out.

STEP 10:
Glue down your title to the middle of the tag and add the heart behind the title. Add some ribbons to the tag.

STEP 11:
Paint the chipboard floral piece, with brown paint and dry brush with a bit of pink, add a few flat back pearls. Glue it to the top right of your page. Once the gesso is dry add your tag and photo mats to the layout.

STEP 12:
Cut out some of the rose clusters from your second sheet of lattice rose paper, add some of these cut outs under your torn strips, to your tag and even behind your photo mats.

STEP 13:
Add two of the hinges you cut out to the large photo mat, I added silver brads to my hinges. Add a few flat back pearls to the layout, then distress the edges of the brown cardstock, I used a white pen to draw stitching around the edges of the page.

STEP 14: Right page of the layout-
Arrange your torn strips from the left side of the brown cardstock, again your lattice rose piece on top and the other strips behind it, add lace and gauze as desired. Distress and chalk before sticking your strips down.

STEP 15:
Add a few more torn strips to the right side of the page.

STEP 16:
Then repeat the stencil and gesso pattern over the torn pieces as you did previously. Cut a tag from a leftover piece of the rose wood paper (mine measures 6x12cm) chalk and distress the tag and add some ribbons.

STEP 17:
Cut your photo mats, mine are the same as the previous page.

STEP 18:
Cut out the small heart from the sticker sheet and glue it onto white cardstock.
Remove the small floral frame from the chipboard set (DC85010), paint it brown and drybrush it with pink. Again cut out more rose clusters.

STEP 19:
Add your photo mats to the layout, remembering  to  glue the tag behind one of your small photo mats. Add the hinges to your large photo mat and then add the chipboard piece to the bottom right of your page.

STEP 20:
Add the rose clusters between the papers, on the chipboard frame and behind your photo mats.

STEP 21:
Add some flat back pearls here and there. Distress the edges of the brown cardstock and add your pen stitches.

I hope you have fun creating this layout.

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