Friday, 24 June 2016

C85 SHABBY ROSE COLLECTION - Tutorial by Dana Tatar


C63 003 French Heritage - Autumn Floral
C85 003 Shabby Rose - Romantic Panels (2)
C85 004 Shabby Rose - Romantic Door
DS 050 Shabby Rose Plastic Stencil - Rose Clock
DC85 013 Shabby Rose Die-Cut Grey Chipboard Shape - Windows
ST85001 Shabby Rose Stickers - Pictures
E6 008 Antique Brass Filigree Embellishment - Bird on Branch
MP2 003 Light Pink Pearls
Kraft Shipping Tag
Cream Ribbon
White String
Eyelets (2)
Whipped Spackle
Ink - Brown, Pink, Green
Acrylic Paint - White
Eyelet Setter
Scoring Board
Bone Folder


Step One: 
Cut the Romantic Door patterned paper (C85 004) in half down the center line. Score down the hinge lines on both sides of the patterned paper. Distress and ink the edges of the papers.

Step Two: 
Adhere the Romantic Doors to the Romantic Panels (C85 003) patterned paper so that the doors open.

Step Three: 
Position the Rose Clock (DS 050) Stencil on the top half of the Romantic Panels patterned paper. 
Apply whipped spackle over the stencil. Let dry, then color with ink.

Step Four: 
Paint the Windows Chipboard (Round Arch DC85 013) with white acrylic paint. Glue onto the Romantic Panels patterned paper over the bottom left edge of the stenciled clock.

Step Five: 
Add an inked shipping tag, small piece of lace, and a photograph to the Romantic Panels patterned paper over the center of the stenciled design.

Step Six: 
Cut bunches of flowers from the second piece of Romantic Panels patterned paper and adhere them under and on top of the photograph and tag.

Step Seven: 
Cut a hummingbird from the French Heritage Autumn Floral (C63 003) patterned paper. Glue the bird over the top left corner of the photograph.

Step Eight: 
Glue 3 Light Pink Pearls around the photograph.

Step Nine: 
Separate the Antique Brass Filigree Embellishment into 3 pieces and add one piece to each flower cluster.

Step 10: 
Fold the two sides of the page in to the center. Set two eyelets, one on each door, and tie the doors closed with a length of cream ribbon.

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