Monday, 28 September 2015



You will need:
Fabscraps C78 002 – blue damask design
Fabscraps C78 008 – green design
Fabscraps Heart and Soul Chippie
Fabscraps Flower Filligree Stack On Chippie
Fabscraps Elephant Ear Chippie
Fabscraps Leaf twigs die cut
Fabscraps Metal Trinkets
Fabscraps Jungle Flower Stencil
12 x 12 inch canvas
Mists : leaf green, blue, navy, lime green
Blue distress Ink
Teal Mica Powder
White acrylic paint
White embossing powder / UTEE
Multi Matte Medium / Modge Podge
Foam Tape
Tombow Glue
Heat Gun
Glossy Accents

1.          Start off with your three chippies.  Grab your title chippie and mist it with Navy; while still wet, apply some white embossing powder / UTEE randomly and emboss.  Once cool, apply a coat of Glossy Accents and set aside to dry.  For the Elephant Ear chippie – coat with white acrylic paint and once dry give one spritz on each using leaf green mist; once dry, apply a coat of Glossy Accents and set aside to dry.  For the last chippie – Flower Filligree stack on, give it a liberal coat of white acrylic paint.  Once dry, give it a random mist with navy; you don’t want to saturate it completely in colour – while still wet, sprinkle over some embossing powder / UTEE and emboss.  Once this has cooled, apply some pearls to the centre of the flowers, brush with your Mica Powder and also with some Gesso

2.          Grab all the metal trinkets you intend using.  Lightly paint each one with some thinned down acrylic paint – you don’t necessarily want to coat them completely – the metal bits peeking out between the white looks great.  Once dry, spray some of them with Navy mist and the others with lime green mist.  I also sprinkled on some UTEE where there were wet spots and embossed the pieces.  Once all has dried, give a random brush with your teal mica powder.

3.          Cut C78 002 down to fit your canvas and distress the edges.  Apply a coat of Multi Matte medium to your canvas and immediately smooth on C78 002.  I use my brayer to ensure there are no air bubbles and I also turn my canvas around and rub the underside.  Lightly ink the edges using your blue distress ink.  Thin down some white acrylic paint using water and apply a light coat to just the centre of your piece.  Grab your Jungle Flower stencil and ink some random flowers to the background, using the Blue distress ink

4.          Cut C78 008 (green side) down to measure 6 ¼ x 4.5 inches to create your photo mat.  Distress the edges

5.          To assemble.  Firstly, mark where you want your matted photograph to be.  Then arrange  your chippies: the stacked filigree flower will go on the right, overlapping the edge of the canvas and slightly higher than centre; the two elephant ear chippies will go beneath your photograph, along with the Leaf Twigs die cut; the metal trinkets will be arranged around the left hand side of your photograph and lastly the Title chippie will be on the left too, slightly above centre and overlapping the edge of your canvas slightly.  I’ve also placed the metal wing above the “H” of Heart & Soul and a little bird above the top right of my photograph.  The metal trinkets were adhere using my glue gun and the chippies were adhered with Tombow.

6.          To create the shading effect, I swiped my dry, flat paintbrush over my distress ink and “painted” the shading around my trinkets and chippies.

7.          Lastly, add the flowers (I used my glue gun), brush them with Gesso and mica powder.  To finish the piece off, I added some pearls to the canvas and also to some of the metal trinkets

8.          You’re done!

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