Wednesday, 2 September 2015

C75 TRANQUILITY COLLECTION | Tutorial by Olga Lytvyn

Page Layout – Tranquil forest
-Olga Lytvyn-

For this layout you will need:

·      FabScraps Tranquility Collection paper range: C75002, C75001
·      MC75001A Tranquility journal pack elements (die-cut element and  its negative)
·      Book page
·      Piece of tulle
·      Die-cut paper napkin
·      Paper flowers
·      Paper embellishments (here butterflies)
·      Dots
·      Paper words
·       Sewing machine
·       Ink
·       Your picture
·      Good mood! 


1.     Take sheet C75002, trim half of sheet C75001 and glue them together.
2.     From paper sheets cut some flowers.
3.     Take a book page, paper napkin, die-cut element negative and place them together, add piece of tulle and paper flowers. On top of everything sew your picture.
4.     Add MC75001A die-cut elements, paper words, paper embellishments (butterflies).
5.     You can use your sewing machine to fasten all elements and sew your LO around the periphery.
6.     Add dots.
7.     Add some ink drops.
8.     Your Layout is ready! 

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