Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tutorial by Lisa Marie Watling | C75 Tranquility Collection

Collection: C75 Tranquility
Good For The Soul
Fab Design Team Member: Lisa-Marie Watling

You will need:

Fabscraps Gentle Leaves
Fabscraps French Gray
Fabscraps French Stripe
Fabscraps French Rulers
Fabscraps “Good for the Soul” Chippie
Fabscraps Filligree Chippie + die cut
Adhesives – foam tape, Tombow
Blue and Black Chalk Ink
Glossy Accents
Light Blue and Dark Grey embroidery silk
Light and Dark Blue adhesive pearls
Cardstock (any colour)
Journalling Pen


1.          Start by cutting all your Fabscraps pieces down to size. Gentle leaves – trim the title strip; French Gray – trim down to 10.5 x 10.5 inches.  French Stripe – 8.5 x 4 ¾ inches. French Rulers – 7 x 4.5 inches.

2.          For each piece per point one above, mark off your stitching one-quarter inch deep to create a stitched frame.  I used embroidery silk on each piece in opposing colours – i.e. blue on grey, grey on blue.

3.          Once that is done, distress all the edges with your distressing tool.  Chalk as you wish using black chalk ink

4.          Cut a piece of cardstock down to 11.5 x 11.5 inches and adhere to the BACK of Fabscraps Gentle leaves – your base page - as this helps with stability

5.          Adhere foam tape to the prepared Fabscraps French Gray.  Remove the backing of the tape and then stick down strips of gauze to the tape, so that about 0.5 inches of gauze sticks out over the edges of your paper.  Then centre and adhere it to your base page – Fabscraps Gentle Leaves.  Do the same with your third piece – French Stripe and adhere it to the left of Fabscraps French Gray

6.          Adhere French Rulers strip slightly off centre (2 ¼ from the bottom, 1 ¾ from the right) using Tombow

7.          Prepare your title chippie – Fabscraps “Good for the Soul”.  Apply a thick coat of Blue chalk ink and allow to dry – or use your heat gun.  Apply a coat of Glossy Accents to just the wording and set aside to dry

8.          Grab the flowers you have selected and chalk the edges with black chalk and use your journaling pen to make highlights

9.          Glue the Fabscraps filigree die cut to the corresponding chippie using Tombow.  Chalk it with black chalk ink, highlight with your journaling pen and adhere light blue pearls

10.       Adhere your photograph and your title chippie once it has dried (I kept the chippie in its frame) to the French Rulers strip

11.       Arrange and adhere your flower clusters – I also added more gauze to these, tucking it under and around the flowers.  Adhere your Filligree Chippie next to your upper flower cluster – tuck it under the flowers.  Glue down your dark blue pearls

12.       You’re done!

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