Monday, 22 October 2012

Never Ending Christmas Card

This is the first of Michele's lessons for The Collins Show. She used products from our Christmas Collection to make a card that has many places for you to write messages and display special photos for your loved ones!


1. Cut 2 rectangles measuring 12cm x  28cm of brown card stock. Mark A, B, C and D as per the diagram (don’t worry about this as this will be covered). Cut and mark 2 more rectangles that are 14cm x 24cm.   Score all the rectangles as per the diagram below. Glue the four pieces together, with the A facing the A, B to B, C to C and D to D. The longer piece must be on top of the shorter pieces which lie horizontally.

2. Glue exactly to the diagram. Please make sure that you have the A and A together B and B together the C and C and the D and D together one vertical and the other horizontal, the shorter one is vertical. (As per diagram). You will also note the way you should glue the pieces together on the diagrams.

3. How to fold the card:

4. The chipboard boots DC 51 008 and hats DC51 014 are wet picked; do this by wetting the part of the chipboard that is unpainted (which is the part that resembles the fur). Using a craft knife make small little cuts to fluff up the chipboard to resemble fluffy fur, leave it to dry and come back to painting it once it is dry. Dab brown paint on and then take some cream paint and stipple a little bit on to get a mottled affect, remember to use very little on the brush. Carry on with the other steps until dry (please remember, when painting, try not to push too hard as it will flatten the fluff).

5.  Use the C51 004 paper and cut, from the Christmas scene at the bottom, 12 cm across x 14 cm. From C51 005, cut 8 rectangles measuring 6cm x 7cm. Distress all the rectangles with an electric paper distresser and then rub cream paint over the distressed edges to resemble snow. Once dry start gluing on the rectangles, please glue as close as possible to the top and the bottom for the row of 4 red brick on each edge, the secret is to not cover your scored lines. Glue the Children in the centre on the left and the tree on the right (Make sure you can still turn your card at this stage). Attach the fancy buckle ME1 005 with brads MP 003 in the centre of the large square by the opening. Attach the sticker “we wish you a merry Christmas” (ST 51 001) in the bottom of the large square on the left with children (not the side with the Christmas tree) Punch snowflakes with the craft punch and apply them to FabScraps self-adhesive foam core (TS 14 001). Rub cream paint on to the tips, once dry attach them with Fabscraps foam dots (G1 002) to the centre of all the red brick squares. Paint the chipboard bell (DC54 009) cream and decorate the etched part of the chipboard with silver stickels. Tie a brown ribbon around the bell just under the bow of the chipboard and then attach it to the left hand corner of the centre block with the children at an angle. That is your cover completed.


6.  Open the next page as per attached picture. From C51 001, cut 2 large rectangles (12 cm across x14 cm down) using the side of the paper that has the lady and the bell on the side. Cut 4  rectangles measuring 6cmX 7cm from the back of the same paper (the wood panels). Apply the same technique as above to distress the edges and apply the cream paint to the edges. Embellish this page with the words "faith, hope, love" (DC 51 018), 5 stars (DC51 009). Paint the chipboard with cream paint and rub  silver stickels over all. Glue the two large rectangles to the centre, the bell at the top and the lady below. Attach the cream wood panels to the 4 corners the 4 stars to the centre of the cream squares. Glue the "faith, hope, love" to the top centre square as far down as possible and a star in the right hand corner. (You can attach a photo with Fabscraps self-adhesive foam core (TS14 00)1 on to the picture or you could leave blank and write a message.)

7. Flip the card from the 2 centre squares as per diagram.  Cut 4 more rectangles from the red brick side of  C51 005 (6cm x 7cm). Cut 2 large rectangles from the dotted side of C51 007 measuring 12 cm across x 14 cm down. Use the same technique as was used on the paper, distress the edges and apply cream paint. Once dry, glue the 2 red rectangles in the centre. Glue the red brick to the top 2 small squares and the bottom 2 squares. Cut 2 pockets from the striped side of C51 008 measuring 5cm x 8.5cm, include a 1cm border around the sides and bottom to fold inwards. Use a circle punch to punch a half circle in the middle of the top of the pocket. Rub cream paint on the edges and leave to dry. Make a tag with a rounded top measuring 4cm across x 10.5 cm from the C51 001 paper. Add a flower embellishment (E1 001) with a pearl (ME1 013) in the center just below the punch hole for the ribbon. Thread a thin, brown ribbon through the tag hole and tie.  Attach the pockets to the outer edges of the red dot paper. Place the tags inside.  Stick the stickers ST15 002 on to the bottle tops (BC 003), use dimensional glaze on top of the stickers. Glue the bottle tops on to the 4 pieces of red brick paper, one on each. Glue the 2 Christmas boots to the top inside corner of the red, dotted paper as close to the edge as possible. Add the hat to the bottom of the pocket on the right and the "Merry Christmas" sticker (ST51 001) at the bottom of the pocket. You will have to cut Christmas so that it can fit on the pocket.


8. For the last page, which is the back of the card, cut 2 large rectangles from the music notes side C51 003 (12 cm across x 14 cm down) and 8 rectangles (6cm x 7cm) from the dotted side of the left over C51 004 paper. Distress and paint the edges as you have done throughout. Glue the large rectangles in the centre at the top and bottom, making sure not to stick the squares over the scoured lines. Glue the smaller rectangles along the left and right edges.

We would love to see how you have made this project your own! Send us photos of your work or photos of classes that you teach!

With Love from FabScraps
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