Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Family Photo Inspiration

It is almost time to start sending out Christmas cards. 

I definitely prefer personalized cards, hand made cards with family photos really do just add a special touch to Christmas. 

The photo that you use can set the tone for the whole card. I went on a hunt for some hints and ideas to make sure that your family Christmas card stands out on the mantle!

Lets start with tips on planning your photo. Tip Junkie gives some excellent advice.

Co-ordinated clothing
It may seem clichéd but co-ordintating outfits for the photo shoot really does add something special to the picture. You don’t necessarily have to all wear the same outfit! Picking a colour scheme adds some sort of thread to your picture (and has the added bonus of helping you to match your paper!). If you choose not to match, matching accessories also adds a little bit of whimsy; think hats, ties maybe even wellington boots!

Reflect your personalities
Formal is not necessarily always the best! If your family is generally more spontaneous or easy going, putting them in a structured formal pose (we all know the one I am talking about) will make for an awkward looking photo. Think of a fun, casual idea for your photo. If you and your kids love baking, why not get into the kitchen and take some photos of everyone lending a hand. If you are a more outdoorsy family, take your photo outside! Think outside the box!!!


Timing is everything
If you schedule your photo for over the time that your 2 year old is normally napping, you’re going to have a bad time! Make sure that your kids are well rested and fed, it will go a long way to making the photography session go more smoothly.


Be creative but sensible
If you’re going to make your kids pose in a way that embarrasses them, the camera will see their embarrassment. Make sure to consider the downsides of your vision, it is always best to have everyone’s happiness in mind!


I asked the ladies in the office for some ideas, we're a pretty crazy bunch when we get going, so some of the suggestions they came up with really are outside the box, way outside the box!

  • Why not pose with each family member with a chalkboard that has their greatest achievement for the year written on it
  • Get the pets involved! (Bee's kids have many, many pets, she'd need a wide angle lens to get that right)
  • It's a little abstract but why not take photos of the family's feet/hands instead of faces?
  • If you've recently moved, you could take your family photo in front of your new home.
  • For outdoor photos, fences are a great way of adding levels to the pose.
  • A photo taken from above while the family is lying with their heads together is a cute perspective.

Here are a couple more photos that I found just to help inspire your vision!




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