Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Decision Time!

Hi FabScrappers,

I think that the time has come for me to go to a scrapbooking class! I need to know a bit more about what goes into all the beautiful projects that come my way on a daily basis.

I'm a worrier and I do like to know as much about something before I dive into it

The trouble is that a Google search of classes in my area yielded, no jokes, over a thousand results!! So, my question is this, FabScrappers, how do you go about choosing a class to attend? I mean from the absolute start, I know nothing!! What do I take with me? Who do I take with me?  I'm not super creative, will I even fit in?

So, besides the little panic session there (I've told you before, my mind bounces. A lot!), I think that I could enjoy learning a new craft. I can't be the only one that has this problemSo give me all the advice you can, please, FabScrappers!

With love from Michy


Evgenia Petzer said...

sigh, I wish I would live closer, we could have so much fun:)

Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 said...

Lucky you to have such a choice! Choose one that showcases a style that speaks to you ... do you like the shabby chic style, or more of a CAS girl, or perhaps an arty type?
No reason to panic ... it's not rocket science. Everyone has their own style - there is no right way. Just go and have fun and express yourself.

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder said...

The class I'd pick is the one that serves food! cookies??? coffee??? a glass of wine??? LOL

heck yes you're gonna fit in any place you go. I have found scrappers to be the kindest and friendliest people around. When I go to a crop or get together with a group, I bring my questions and my curiosity and simply observe and absorb. (say that 3 times fast!) relax, ejoy and have fun.

FabScraps said...

Thanks ladies!!! You all made me laugh!!! I will definitely let you know how it goes!

Vicky Alberto said...

I get people to bring this at the very least to all my shabby chic classes...
distressing tool of choice
thin paint brush
very sharp craft knife (VERY IMPORTANT!)
paper trimmer
light and dark brown inks (chalk or distress with blending)
wet scrapbooking glue (like Zip Dry)