Monday, 17 September 2012

News from FabScraps

Gosh, we've had a busy busy Monday in our office!

Bee is in the mad process of getting things together for the Collins Show in October in Florida, and let me tell you, a designer trying to organise things with other designers makes for A LOT of back and forth chatter! But we are getting there and there will be some stunning talent on display there.

Jamie, one of our FABulous designers will be teaching 3 classes to retailers with gorgeous new techniques. We can't wait to share our unique scrapping ideas with you.

We launched or scrapbooking products in Australia last week. We are so excited to be working with our Australian distributor, Xpress Graphx. They were founded in South Africa almost 50 years ago  and really do distribute some products that we are so keen to be counted amongst! We love making our family get bigger!

I'm off to try make a dent in my very extensive Monday to do list, there are phone calls to be made and errands to be run!

Have a great day FabScrappers, here's to a great week!



Shona said...

wow all sounds so exciting :)

JRABS -Jennifer Snyder said...

Welcome to a new Continent Fabscraps. One more step closer to exciting and FABulous world scrappy domination.