Thursday, 6 September 2012

FABulous Travels

FabScraps has been on the go!

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B came through the door this morning EXHAUSTED!! She arrived back from Oz yesterday after 28 hours of flights!

Normally we're showered with presents and little surprises, this time we were all sorely disappointed! Much to her frustration, B didn't get a single free minute for shopping. Despite the exhaustion, she has been nothing but her bubbly self, stories have been her only gift to us!!

B loves, loves, loves Australia! She has raved about how friendly everyone is, nonstop. The level of talent at the Paperific Expo was exceptional and she met some FABulous people.

I think that she's talked herself dry of stories now, there's no noise coming from her office. (Come to think of it, she may be taking a nap!)

I'm off to make her coffee.

Happy Scrapping!!

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Shona said...

I bet that was an amazing time :)