Monday, 24 September 2012

FabScraps is Proudly South African

The 24th of September is Heritage Day in South Africa.  It is a day to celebrate our cultural diversity and for all South Africans to remember where their roots lie.

Some of the FabScraps staff dressed up in their traditional dress to celebrate Heritage Day

A newer South African custom is to celebrate National Braai (say Br-eye) Day, a barbeque to most other nations.  It is a great time for friends and family to gather, relax and have fun, generally in the sunshine.  You will battle to find a South African that doesn’t enjoy a well braaied piece of meat along with any range of the traditional side orders ranging from mieliepap (say mee-lee-puhp), which is a traditional stiff maize meal porridge to colourful salads.

“Eat more meat. Enjoy each other’s company; amid laughter, peace and harmony, with the aroma of braai in the air. Ahh, nothing could be more comforting. We have 11 official languages but there is only one word for this wonderful institution; it is braai.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

We are very Proud of our heritage here in the FabScraps office. I asked every one to tell me some reasons why:

Wide open spaces
Gorgeous warm weather
Breath taking natural landscapes
Friendly people and the togetherness that comes with it
The Big 5, and the Little 5 (and all other wild life inbetween)
We are a very crafty nation, so many cultures are built on hand made artifacts
Our strong sporting traditions
Our quirky sense of humour
Our diversity (we have 11 official languages!!!)
Our rich ancestry  and history

I had to stop everyone there!

We’d like to wish everyone a Fabulously Happy Heritage Day, whatever your heritage is!


Sandie Edwards said...

Have a wonderful Heritage ... many blessing to you all!

Sandie Edwards said...

Oops forgot the word 'Day'....

Shona said...

I hope you all have a fabulous Heritage Day!