Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Confession

I have been working at FabScraps for almost a month now and I realized that I am yet to introduce myself to you!!

My name is Michelle and I manage all of our social media here, what more could a girl ask for than a job where she gets to play on the internet all day (LOL, I wish that was all my job entailed!).

I suppose that, along with introducing myself, I should make a little confession to all you FabScrappers. Here it goes……

I have never scrapped a page in my life! I don’t think have a single creative bone in my body!!

I am, however, able to recognize and appreciate a thing of a beauty, and beauty I have seen! I am constantly amazed by the creativity I see from all of you (I’m sure that the other ladies in the office are getting tired of me saying this EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a new FabScraps layout!) I am slowly beginning to develop my own taste in scrapbooking.

The time has come, I feel to start finding out more about the techniques behind your beautiful craft. So I have committed myself to a journey of learning. I’m going to find a couple of classes and get help from the widest wealth of knowledge that I can think of, you, FabScrappers. 

Of course, I fully intend to share my process of learning with all of you, what’s better than sharing with your friends? 

What do you think, FabScrappers? Where should I start?

With love from FabScraps! 

(and me, Michelle!)

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