Tuesday, 13 October 2015



1.     Use a piece of 12x12 Working Elves – C79 004 – burlap side up for the base of your layout.
2.     Cut a piece of Father Christmas – C79 001 – trim to 11” square and then tear from the left hand side on a diagonal until the right hand side is approximately 7” in length.
3.    Lightly distress and rip edges and adhere.
4.     Cut a strip of the same paper and reverse, punch along edge with lace edge doily punch and tuck in under ripped edges, leaving a little peeking out.
5.     At the same time tuck under a little remnant piece of lace for texture and adhere two small flowers on the right hand side edge and one small flower along the top edge.
6.     Use stencil DC79 008 and apply modelling paste to the right hand side of the paper, reposition and apply modelling paste to show a little at the left hand side of your cluster.
7.     Cut and tear rectangle pieces of various patterned papers Christmas Children - C79 007, Father Christmas C79 001 and Working Elves C79 004, distress edges and layer.  [Don’t stick anything down as yet].
8.    Use a metal die and cut a selection of pieces of Christmas foliage using Christmas Tags C79 008.
9.     Tuck in a few pieces of cheesecloth [muslin].
10.  Tuck in pieces of Christmas foliage.
11.  When you are happy with the layering, start adhering the layers.
12.  On the top layer add a polaroid shaped frame and tuck your photo in and under before adhering.
13. Cut a piece of cat gut thread and string some green pearls and apply adhesive whilst stringing to hold pearls in place.
14.  Tuck in and adhere baubles and adhere snowflakes.
15.  Top with large green flower.
16.  Cut out a Father Christmas from one of the patterned papers and tuck under the large green flower to the left of your photo.
17.  Place title, using mini alpha stickers to the bottom right hand side of the polaroid frame.
18. Grab a paintbrush and randomly apply Aleene’s True Snow.
Congratulations, you’re done.

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