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Relax and Unwind - Retro Canvas 

I love the 50s and 60s retro era and so when I saw some of the patterned paper from this Tranquility collection, I knew I had to create something with a retro theme.  I had printed the photo, a little while ago, and it seemed very fitting to use it now, for this retro project! ;-)

Supplies List:

Patterned Paper: FabScraps C75 007 Sewing Pagtterns, FabScraps C75 008 French Gray, FabScraps C75 004 French Stripe, FabScraps C75 003 Gentle Leaves, FabScraps C75 002 Misty Floral
Stencils:  FabScraps DS35 005 Jungle Twine, Tim Holtz Dot Fade
Chipboard: FabScraps DC75 005 Relax & Unwind, FabScraps DC75 008 Flower Filigree
Blooms: Teal Petaloo Blooms
Canvas Board: A4
Die-Cuts: Various Leaf and oval die-cuts
Pigment Ink: Brown, Blue, Teal, White, Tea Leaves and Green Oasis
Distress Paint: Gathered Twigs
Distress Ink: Barn Door
Stamps: BoBunny Distressed Textures
Double sided Tape
Spray bottle and water
3D Adhesive Foam
Pink Aquarelle Pencil
Liquid Pearls: Dark Chocolate
Pens: White Gel and Grey Fine liner
Foam Square or rounding mat
Rounding Tool
Photo: 13cm x 9cm
White Embossing Powder


.     Cut an 18.5cm x 18.5cm square from the Sewing Patterns patterned paper and an 18.5cm x 18.5cm French Gray patterned paper.
2.     Cover the entire back surfaces of both patterned paper pieces, with strips of double sided tape, ensuring that you don’t leave any gaps. This prevents the paper bubbling up when you use gesso and paints.
3.     Stick the Sewing Patterns square onto the canvas, 3cm from the top and 0.5cm from the right hand edge.
4.     Stick the French Gray rectangle over the Sewing Patterns paper, 9cm down from the top of the canvas and 1.5cm from the left hand edge.
5.     Take the Jungle Twine stencil and stencil gesso flowers on the top and bottom edges of the canvas. Use the Tim Holtz stencil to randomly stencil gesso on the edges and around the canvas.  Allow the gesso to dry completely. See figure 1 below.
.      Using your spray bottle, spray liberal amounts of water over your gesso areas.  Add little drops of Gathered Twigs distress paint onto these wet areas.  Now spritz more water into these little drops of paint, so that it starts to run.  Pick up your canvas and move the paint and water around, so that it runs in and around your paper edges and in between the gesso stencilled area. Allow this to dry completely.  See figure 1 again.
7.     Do the same technique above, but use Barn Door distress ink, just over the actual flower petals. Again, allow this to dry completely.
8.     Randomly stamp with the BoBunny stamp and teal pigment ink, around your canvas.
9.     Ink the edges of your canvas with the brown pigment ink.
10.  Fussy cut 12 complete flowers from the Misty Floral patterned paper.  Fussy cut 4 different leaves from the Gentle Leaves patterned paper.
11. Fussy cut 6 of the flowers further, by cutting 2 x smaller areas of the flowers, in order to have 3 layers for 1 flower. Add colour to the edges with a pink Aquarelle pencil and spritz with water to allow the colour to run.  Allow these to dry.  See Figure 2.

12. Use a foam square or rounding mat and tool, to round these flowers.  Once rounded add glue and layer up the flowers, to make a complete flower.  Add drops of chocolate liquid pearls for the centres.  See Figure 3.

13.  Use Green Oasis pigment ink to colour the fussy cut leaves. Again, use a foam square or rounding mat and tool, to round and shape the leaves.
14. Cut an oval die-cut, approx. 10cm in length, from the French Stripe paper. I used the blue lacey side.  Ink the edges with blue pigment ink.
15. Cut out the Relax & Unwind word from it’s frame, ensuring that you keep the frame intact for use. Ink both the word and the frame with white pigment ink. Cover with white embossing powder and use a heat gun to emboss the powder. Once cooled, use the brown pigment ink to brown the edges.
16. Use Tea Leaves pigment ink to colour the Flower Filigree chipboard. Cut through the middle to have 2 similar halves.
17. Cut various leaves with die-cut machine from the 2 green cardstock.  Add details with white gel pen and grey pen.
18. Stick down oval die-cut 1cm over the top of the French Gray rectangle and 0.5cm from the left hand side of the rectangle.
19. Stick down the chipboard frame approx. 2.5cm down from the top edge of the French Gray rectangle and 3.5cm from the right hand side of the French Gray rectangle edge.
20. Raise the photo with 3D adhesive foam and layer over the chipboard frame, so that the right hand side of the chipboard shows underneath the photo.
21. Adhere the 2 halves of the Filigree Flower chipboard beneath the photo with glue.
22. Now adhere the layered, fussy cut flowers and the teal flowers onto the chipboard pieces, with glue, onto the flowers of the chipboard.  Add die-cut leaves in between these blooms.
23. Alongside the photo, adhere the fussy cut Gentle Leaves.
24. Create a flower cluster on the top left hand corner of the photo, where the blue oval die-cut is situated, with the fussy cut flower and teal Petaloo blooms.

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