Monday, 9 February 2015

Love 2 Travel Project C73

Collection: C73 love to Travel

Name of Project:  Eagle, AK
Fabulicious Design Team Member: Maggi Harding

For This Project You Will Need:

               FabScraps C73 Love 2 Travel 1 sheet of 007 and 1 sheet of 008
               Red cardstock
               MC73 001A Journal Book Viewing Disk
               Stencil and modeling paste
               White gesso
               Embellishments of your choice, i.e. flowers,
         vines, leaves, etc

1.     Use white masking paste and stencil a pattern on the red cardstock.  After that dries, paint over the entire sheet with white gesso.  After it dries, tear about a 1/4" - 1/2" strip all along the outer edges being sure that when you tear you expose some of the red paper.
2.     Cut an 8 1/2" circle from the center of Stars and Stripes 008.  Then cut an 8" circle out of the 8 1/2" circle leaving you with a narrow circle border.  The remaining paper will be the base layer of your layout.  Use the inner circle as mats in step 5.
3.    Cut a 9" circle from the center of America 007.  Glue the narrow circle strip (dark blue side)  from step 2 onto this circle (flag side)  centering so that it makes a border all around.  Ink and distress if desired.  The remaining paper will be the 2nd layer.
4.     Take the leftover paper 007 from step 3 and heavily distress the edges, ink,  and then glue on top of the base layer 008 (dark blue side).  Then glue the masked red cardstock from step 1 onto 008. 
5.     Mat photos with the dark blue side of 008.  Cut small rectangles from 008 (stripes side) and mount the titles.  Ink as desired.  If using journaling print on white paper and mount on the dark blue side of 008.
6.     Fussy cut one of the Viewing Disks from MC73 001A Journal Book, ink and distress as desired.
7.     Center the layered circles from step 3 on to the layers in step 4. 

8.    Take a little red paint and water it down a bit and then dip a paint brush in it and flick red paint specks over the layout.

  •                    9.Pop up the photos and title(s) with cardboard or foam tape and add to your layout as shown.

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