Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nature Calls Layout

1. Use the FabScraps tag DC 53 015. Roughly tear small pieces of the masking tape measuring approximately 3-4 cm each (Don’t measure each piece). Crumple masking tape slightly and start sticking down on to the tag. You are creating the effect of tree bark so it should be lumpy and stuck randomly over your tag.

2. Cover the tag completely with the masking tape and trim the excess pieces of tape that hang over edges of the tag.

3. Paint the tag with brown paint; make sure you cover all creases of the masking tape with the brown paint. Dry brush small amounts of the rust and black paint on the tag in the creases.

4. Thread through the green ribbon and apply the flower from the Rustic flower book MCDC 07 to the tag (stack different colour petals onto one another and attach a FabScraps fabric brad B002 in the middle).

*Distress the edges of all pieces of paper

5. The rustic brown striped C48 005 is the base paper. Distress the rustic paper C48 006 which has around the edges, wet and crushed and then curl the edges upwards, then dry with a hair drier. Glue to the centre of the striped C48 005 (this gives a more rustic appearance to the paper).

6. Glue the green piece of Rustic paper C48 001 measuring 24cm x 24cm to the centre of the rustic crushed paper.

7. Glue the 12cm x 23cm piece of the dark green dot C48 002 vertically 1cm from the right edge of the light green paper; make sure to glue it closer to the top of your crushed paper.

8.  Glue the small brown piece of paper C48 006 horizontally along the bottom of the dark green dot paper. Leave approximately 1cm of the dark green dot showing at the bottom.

9. Now stick the 3cm x 23cm piece of dark green dot C48 002 dot horizontally over the top of the small piece of brown paper that you have just glued down to meet with the edges of the light green paper.

10. Glue the tag at an angle to the bottom left hand corner of the page.

11. Paint one of the trees DC40 004 black and use dimensional glaze on top of it. Then paint another tree with olive green paint and stick one on top of the other slightly off centre to create a shadow. Use the wooden button BE1 002 that you have stitched through and knot it in the front, glue with foam dots G1 001 onto the thin green dot strip.

12. Use green distressed embossing powder on the compass DC48 004 and attach it to the matching chipboard circle which you have covered with the compass picture from the MC 48 001 journal with a pearl brad B 009. Glue it to the bottom right hand side of the page

Take the small light green piece of paper measuring 14cm x 10cm and attach it to self-adhesive foam core TS14 001, glue it horizontally in the centre of the large dark green dot paper C48 002 (this is where you will attach your photo).

13. Glue the chipboard ‘Nature Calls’ title DC48 016 in the top left hand corner which you have painted brown and dimensional glazed.

14. Lastly glue down the three small pieces of green and brown polka dot self-adhesive ribbon to the right hand side of the photo, glue the three brown pearls MP2 006 on top of each piece of ribbon with glue.
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