Thursday, 26 July 2012

So Spoilt!

There is nothing like seeing the 'real thing' for real for real!  

We always get such awesome pictures of projects, layouts etc done by our Design Team & of course from our wonderful FabScraps fans out there so yesterday, Bee unpacked her TWO suitcases filled with projects & layouts sent to CHA by our Design Team.

We were completely OVERWHELMED & SPEECHLESS because they are beyond STUNNING!

You are all so talented and I will never forget seeing on a blog:  'what I make with my hands, I give my heart' 

What we have is a true reflection of such a statement!

I haven't uploaded all the project/layout photos, this is just few to inspire your inner creativity!

Don't be shy to upload your pics to our Facebook page as 'sharing is caring' LOL

Wishing you a most creative day,
Love From FabScraps xxx

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