Tuesday, 24 July 2012



Bee & Janine arrived home late late last night so we still waiting for the much anticipated complete update on how it went at CHA Summer 2012!  We know that it was a success thanks to all who work in the FabScraps team and those who love & support us the way they do BUT we are wanting the low down of the show LOL

The other exciting news I can share with you is about......we are launching a online website shop called 'FabScraps Direct'...HOW EXCITING I HEAR YOU SHOUTING ;-)


Fabscraps are going into our 8th year of business and in the past 7 years there is the accumulation of discontinued products which has built up not only here but in the States due mainly to the quantities we had to buy in the early stages of building the company. 

We have been advised that in the USA most manufacturers offload old stock via their own website or under another name. 

So we have decided to open up an online store for all our discontinued and shop soiled products. Fabscraps Direct will be opening in August 2012. We will be selling stuff that you are all very familiar with ie our slogans, frames, single sided paper etc. 

Let us know what you think ~
Love from FabScraps xxx


fairyrocks said...

Love Fab Scraps, how nice that I will be able to sit in my Jammies and shop!!
Can you see me smiling?

Helen Tilbury said...

Sounds like a great idea! May I suggest that it stocks your current collections too, as well as your flowers, as my local craft store doesn't, even though I am just down the road from you at the Coast.