Friday, 4 May 2012

To Long No Speak :-(


It's all very well having a FIVE day weekend but when we are having such a busy time at work then it's not so cool...and yes, with everything online I could have still blogged but in a campsite down the coast, the internet was on a go slow or maybe that was holiday mode LOL 

Anyway, Happy FabFriday to you all and extra special HAPPY BIRTHDAY today for Bee (FabScraps CEO) and Tracy Weinzapfel (DT Member)! And let's not forget as this pregnant fairy did last week, Happy Birthday to Shona Keehn (DT Member) on the 25 April, to me tomorrow and to Jeaunes Viljoen (DT Member) on Sunday, 6 May.  Wishing you all an extra special most awesome day with much love from FabScraps!

Till next time, wishing you a GREAT weekend,
Love From FabScraps xxx

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