Thursday, 19 April 2012

New FabScraps Family Member ~

This morning our CEO, Brigitte (better known as Bee) came to work with the newest addition to the FabScraps Family...lots of 'ooooooosssss, aaaaahhhhs, so cute!' and of course all wanting to cuddle and love this little furry bundle of 'cuteness'...affectionately named JOCK!  Isn't he just way over the top adorable?  Share with us your adorable furry friends ~ we would love to see xxx

ps. he hasn't got sore ears, apparently their ears gets taped up for 2 weeks

In the lap of love ;-)

Till later,
Love From FabScraps xxx


Evgenia Petzer said...

I have also little yorkie, just tok him home this weekend, but his ars stood up naturally, so we are at least lucky with this, yet we have some feeding issues now..
my 2 nd baby)))

will post some pjotos on the weekend with my Richie)

Shona said...

what a cutie pie hehe :) love puppies!