Thursday, 9 March 2017

C92 Woodlands Friends
Best Friends
By Kim Herbst

What you will need:

C92 004 x 2
C92 007
C92 005
DC 063 stencil
DC 010 2 X Bambi
Modeling paste
Gel medium
Small glass stones in clear and silver.
Leaf die cut
Blue and white flowers
DC 92 007
Best friend title
White card stock
Green ribbon


For your background, use C92 004. Cut the bottom strips off and temporary join in the middle.

On the left side, using modeling paste, stencil the tree about one inch from left edge. When the paste is dry, lay the stencil over the modeling paste, ink the leaves and bark in browns and green.  I add a little green glitter on the leaves. 

Fussy cut some deer’s from C92 005, add under the tree. I fussy cut five. At the bottom of the page I added gel medium with a bit of blue ink to resemble water. Before this dried I added clear and silver stones. Also a small blue rose.

After inking the bambi’s, I added them just above the “water line”. C92 007 was place 7” from the left and ½” from the bottom. Added a 2 ¼” x 12” tag, 2” from the C92 007 edge. Place white card stock, 12” x 8”, 1 ½” from the left of C92 007.  Decorate and add the DC 92 007 owls on branch on the bottom right, just under the white cardstock.  Place a 6 ½” x4 ½” C92 005 on the top left 1 ¼” from edge. On top of that 6 ¼” x 4 ¼” of white cardstock.

From the C92 005 cut the following, the row with the blue and silver mushrooms. This is placed above the main white cardstock, add pearl bling. The birds and flower row. This is at the bottom of the page. 
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