Thursday, 10 March 2016

C83 KALEIDOSCOPE COLLECTION- Tutorial by Lisa Marie Watling


Fabscraps C83 002 Zig Zag
Fabscraps C83 001 Cosmic Fantasy
Fabscraps C83 Carders Pack
Fabscraps Chippie DC83 012 Flower
Fabscraps Chippie DC83 010 Hot Air Balloons
Fabscraps Stencil DS 045 Daisy
Cardstock – dark purple, mauve, lilac
Thin cork
Chalks – grape and frosted lilac
Pearlised mist
White acrylic paint
Deep purple water colour pencil
Deep purple good quality pencil
Black and Silver pens
Selection of paper flowers – white, ivory, purple, lilac, mauve, blue
White satin leaves
Miniature Styrofoam birds – purple and blue
Microbeads – purple and gold
Glass glitter – silver
Gold glitter
Silver butterfly charm, or similar
Purple cord or narrow ribbon
White UTEE or embossing powder
Heavy white gesso
Glossy accents
Glue gun
Multi matte medium


·            Select one of the hot air balloons and cut it from the frame.  Using your UTEE or embossing powder – heat emboss both sides.  Take your time with this to ensure good coverage.  Set aside for later
·            Paint your flower chippie with at least 3 coats of white acrylic paint.  Use your purple water colour pencil to gently ‘shade’ the central and outer petals of the flower; dry with a heat gun if necessary.  Use your purple pencil to lightly shade around the inner petals.  Use more white acrylic paint to create fine white lines over your purple water colour pencil painting; as show in the close up images.  Put a fairly generous dot of Tombow in the centre of your flower and when it has gone tacky, sprinkle with gold microbeads and also with gold glitter.  Once this has dried, coat your entire flower with glossy accents and set aside to dry for later

Photo concertina

·            Measure the inner portion of  your box and cut two strips from C83 002 to fit – make your cut about ¼ inch narrower than your box measurement so that it does not fit too snugly.  Score your strips at 3 inch intervals and fold into a concertina
·            Use a strip of cardstock to adhere the two strips together end to end and adhere with Tombow
·            Chalk / ink all the edges of each folded square with dark purple and then also draw rough ‘frames’ around the edges using your black pen
·            Decide where you want the top and the bottom of your concertina to be and then lay it out in front of you.  The very last block at the end is going to be embellished with your selection of flowers, one bird and microbeads, so should be left open; as well as the block directly above it AND the uppermost block.  On the reverse, you need to leave open the last two blocks too. 
·            Adhere your photographs (except the topmost three) to your cardstock and chalk the edges with purple and lilac; then adhere your photographs to your concertina
·            Proceed to embellish the block as mentioned above, using your selection of flowers, etc; .  Swipe on little dabs of heavy gesso and then mist with pearlised mist and allow to dry
·            Cut one small strip from your selected page from the carders pack that is the width of one square, but approximately 1 inch in height; score down the centre
·            Cut another strip from that page of carders pack that measures the width of you square, but DOUBLE in height.  Score down the centre and make a small slit just in the middle of that score
·            Adhere the smaller cut strip above to your uppermost square, ensuring that the score line is level with the top of your concertina; this is going to be your last ‘hinge’
·            Cut a strip of cardstock – approximately 1 inch in width and 4 inches in length – and gently feed it through the slit you made in the longer piece of carders pack paper.  Fold the cardstock piece in half and adhere the sides together
·            Then, fold the larger piece of carders pack paper in half and adhere it to the smaller strip, so that the smaller strip is tucked between the two folded ends
·            Adhere your painted flower chippie to the uppermost block (facing up) and adhere your remaining matted photographs – all using Tombow

Outer Box

·            Measure the sides of your box (keep it closed, it makes life easier!) and cut squares from C83 001 so that they will slightly overlap the edges.  Adhere these using multi matte medium and allow to dry completely, before you sand off the edges.  Once that is done, you can use your craft knife to cut the “slit” where the box lids meets the base.  It really is worth it to wait for the paper to be properly dry before sanding and cutting, as it can tear
·            Cover all the sides and the top of your box this way
·            Measure, cut and adhere a piece of thin cork and adhere this to the bottom of your box, also using multi matte medium
·            Give the sides and the top of your box a thin coat of multi matte medium to ensure that all the paper is securely adhered down and protected
·            Use your DS 045 Daisy stencil to apply some of the smaller flowers to the sides of the lid of your box, with heavy white gesso. Once this has dried, outline your daisies with  black pen
·            Adhere your remaining photographs to the sides of your box and draw a rough frame around them (onto the cardstock) with silver pen

·            Embellish the lid of your box with your remaining flowers, satin leaves, bird, cord/ribbon and charm; use your glue gun to adhere these.  Adhere your hot air balloon chippie to the flowers so that it sits upright on your box

·            Finish off with glass glitter and swipes of heavy white gesso

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